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MORE Simple Ways to Enjoy Italian Ways on Your Next Trip to Italy!

I’m sooo excited to launch my UPDATED and REVISED Travel TipZ Italian Style! It’s hard to believe it has been three (yes, 3!!) years since I first published! Well, I decided it was time to update and I’m VERY pleased to offer you MORE Ways to enjoy la dolce vita!Victoria's Travel TIpZ Italian StyleGet Your Copy TODAY on AMAZON!

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On January 9th, 2018, I will be launching a series of posts, Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ, and sharing a few TipZ from each of the ten (10) Chapters including Bonus Italy ExpertZ TipZ!

Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!

(Links to the posts will also be shared here as they are published.)

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #1 Eating

Food - cappuccino 1

Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #2 Sleeping & Creature Comforts

Photo: Victoria De Maio

Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #3 Spending & Shopping and #4 Connecting & Communicating Photo: Victoria De Maio

Coming January 23rd:

Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #5 Getting Around Photo: Victoria De Maio

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