Let’s Take a Salento Style Stroll…

Let's Go to Italy Together!Shaped by Sun, Sea & Wind!

We’ve been taking quite a few walks and strolls visiting some of the towns and neighborhoods of Italy. Today, let’s slow our pace even more and partake in a pleasant stroll, Salento stylePuglia Salento Style 2

“There is no way to talk about this land without being aware one is in a legendary place.”
-Roberto Cotroneo

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia is often referred to as the heel of Italy’s boot and the Salento is Puglia’s southernmost sub-peninsula. Lying between the Adriatic and Ionian, it’s referred to as “terra tra due mari”, the land between two seas.

Puglia is certainly quite unique among Italy’s regions. It embodies all of the charms and allure of Italy, but since it is still slightly unknown, it’s not subject to the swarms of tourists…yet! Until recently, Puglia, much less the Salento were virtually unknown, but that is changing. The limelight, once primarily on regions that are home to Florence, Rome and Venice, is starting to reach here.

Among the many distinctive features of Puglia and the Salento, is the sense of timelessness personified in its millions of olive trees. Standing in silent testimony to a heritage that has evolved over the millennia, surely they have been shaped and defined by sun, sea, and wind. As with the grape vines, their roots are deep and their fruits boast characteristics that are gifts from this land.

Another of the unique features here are the masserie (plural for masseria) which line the coastline of the Salento. And what exactly is a masseria? A masseria is a farm house or country house.

Typically dating back to the 16th-19th century and usually family-owned and run, the masserie are often renovated and welcome visitors who want to experience the Salento lifestyle firsthand. Surrounded by fortified walls that were to protect them from various invaders and intruders, they remain working farms often located, naturally, amidst hundreds (if not thousands) of acres of ancient olive trees…

Let’s visit one, shall we? Let’s visit family-owned Masseria Provenzani. Conveniently located only 30 minutes from Lecce, here we have everything we need for a relaxing stay and opportunity to completely immerse in the Salento lifestyle. And yet we don’t have to travel far to visit many of the nearby picturesque cities and villages. Perfect!

Still a working farm, we can stroll among the lemon groves, see what’s growing in the herb and vegetable garden, and visit the roosters and hens. Maybe take a bike ride on the country road or simply relax by the pool…

Heading back to our room, as we pass the kitchen and dining room, you might be followed by friendly dogs and find napping kittens.

Here our delicious and healthy meals will be prepared by Mamma Giulia (sometimes with our help!). Enjoying authentic regional recipes and locally grown ingredients transformed into delicious and healthy meals, always accompanied by out-of-this-world wine is definitely a highlight of our visit.

The spacious living quarters are comfortable and welcoming. It’s hard to resist the urge to just relax with a glass of wine and soak in the warmth of the sun, the faint aroma of the nearby sea and the gentle caress of the wind…

And why would we resist the magical allure of the Salento lifestyle? I know I won’t!


Warm & welcoming Masseria Provenzani

Warm & welcoming Masseria Provenzani

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Going Solo in Italy…Perche No? (Why Not?)

Let's Go to Italy Together!Italy is calling YOU!  You’re ready to enjoy la dolce vita but you don’t have someone to Victoriatravel with. I understand that predicament and I have lots of great ideas and advice for you.

I ‘m very pleased and honored to be sharing about this very topic in my guest post, “Solo Travel in Italy”, which is featured today on the popular site of my friend and fellow blogger, Rick Zullo.

Please comment.  Let us know if you enjoy the article. Share your thoughts and experiences.

Let's Go to Italy Together!

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Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style

Let's Go to Italy Together!



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Martina Franca is an example of why visiting and exploring areas and towns you’ve never heard of can be so rewarding. So, won’t you join me?MartinaFranca12

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“Under Construction”

Where’s that magic wand when you need it!!!

Have you ever seen those signs, “Excuse the mess” or “Excuse our dust”? Yeah, what a pain! “Under Construction” – in other words, “we’re working on it”!under constructionWell, here I am asking you to please excuse my “dust” while…

Postcards from TravelPiZazz


PostcardZ from Victoria!

I’ve been mulling over a change in my blog site/brand name for some time, sooooo what better time than the “new year”?  Yeh, that’s what I thought!

Well, the plan was set in motion and while the “transition” to the new identity (which isn’t, by the way, drastically different) isn’t huge (or so I thought!), technologically it’s a different story. So what should have been simple…

One_way_traffic well…not quite!

signpost 4

So, for a few days or so ( I hope that’s all!), there may be a little “dust”,  a few “potholes” (i.e. missing photos) and “wrong way” links here and there. New “signs” (headline banners) are in the works and sooner or later Google, etc. will catch up with the changes, too!

In the meanwhile, I’m doing all that I can to make PostcardZ from Victoria a place you want to visit often!

blog targetThank you for your patience!!!


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Happy RE-New Year!!

I’m re-surrecting and updating my post from a year ago…

Out with the Old, In with RE-New!!

re – a prefix, occurring originally in loan words from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition. (dictionary.com)

Re-member, re-collect, re-solve, re-discover, re-invent, re-vise, re-invigorate, re-infuse, re-lease, re-vive, re-create, re-view, re-start, re-do, re-visit…re-joice!

V- Positano

Re-flecting on 2014 – It’s Been Re-markable!

Lose weight, exercise more, spend less, clean out the (fill in the blank), eat healthier, take a class and learn how to (fill in the blank), start (fill in the blank), quit (fill in the blank)… Sound familiar?

Ah, the ubiquitous New Year’s Resolutions! Make ‘em, break ‘em! Re-make ‘em…over and over…or, maybe not…

For years I dutifully wrote my goals down with a determined re-solve! Then I realized that most of them sounded oddly familiar…because they were re-peated from the prior year! Oh dear…sigh…what now?

*** Time to re-flect without re-gret! ***

Well, I have a proposition for you (and me!) based on this definition of re-solution: (derived from Latin resolvere) -  to review, undo, let go.  And since re-solve is defined as making a firm or earnest decision about something

I propose that rather than re-peat the old, that we make a firm decision to bring a sense of re-newal and sparkle to every day! Forget that long daunting list…just a little something…every day! Now, won’t that be fun?

Victoria - SELFIE

…And 2015 Promised to Be Re-ally Fabulous, Too!

First, let’s re-flect, with a nice dose of gratitude, on all that was fabulous in 2014. It’s easy to go to the guilty place about all that we didn’t do; all that woulda-coulda-shoulda stuff, isn’t it? Yeh, me too! Well, let’s re-lease that and, re-focus on all that fabulous…wow! Re-markable!

So, let’s start there, let’s re-fine our 2015 re-solutions and not only re- surrect those dreams, but embrace new ones!

And, of course, I have to bring up travel, don’t I? I encourage you to start a new travel tradition. Armchair or otherwise, give those imaginations new life. Make a way, find a way…dream, plan, let’s go!!

Thank YOU for being a part of my 2014 travel dreams!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to YOU, 2015 looks pretty darn promising! Get the picture??? ;D

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A Visit to Civita di Bagnoregio, “The Town that is Dying”

Let's Go to Italy Together!Il paese che muore, “the town that is dying”, is the rather bleak description of Civita di Bagnoregio.

Judging solely by the throngs of visiting tourists one would hardly think that that is the case. However, it wasn’t from lack of tourism that “the town that is dying” title originated…

Join me for a lovely day trip (from Rome or Orvieto) and let’s  take a stroll back in time together, shall we?Civita di Bagnoregio - Concrete BridgeLet's Go to Italy Together!

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A Stroll to St. Peter’s Square to See Papa!

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Positano takes picturesque to a whole new level! Let’s take a stroll through this picture-perfect town, shall we?Campania - Positano Let's Go to Italy Together! Continue reading

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