Italy: My Moveable Feast, La Dolce Vita in Venice!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Venice!! La Serenissima!

 I remember the first time that I arrived in Venice… Walking out of the train station into a dream- the enchanting dream that is Venice.

If you have had the good fortune to visit la Serenissima, the serene one, and if she captured your heart and imagination as she did mine, you will recognize and realize that overwhelming feeling–a feeling almost like falling in love at first sight.   

I hope you will join me–a celebratory Prosecco, strolls along the Grand Canal, some cicchetti in the Rialto, vaporetto rides, visits with local artisans and guided walks…and so much (a)more! After all,  this is Venice!

Join me for a Prosecco!


The very grand Grand Canal.


Where the Venetian Republic ruled- the magnificent Doges Palace.


Venice in Justice (16th century)


It’s not a dream, it’s Venice!

Oh, she has her detractors. There are those who insist on focusing on her flaws; the crowds, the high prices, the tacky souvenirs…but, for me, Venice remains enchanting, romantic, and timeless. 


Wish you were here!


Lovely la Serenissima.


Breathtaking Piazza San Marco


Only in Venice…


 As the Italian proverb says, “Cambiano i suonatori ma la musica e sempre quella.” (The melody’s changed but the song remains the same.)

And the song of Venice is as a Vivaldi tune- delightful, magical and unforgettable. 

Ah, si, falling in love all over again! More coming from Venice! Cicchetti! Prosecco! Dolci! Gelato! The Rialto! The Sestiere! Piazza San Marco! Gondolas! Masks and glass! Campos! So much to see, savor amd enjoy! And, of course, the amazing Venetians and their proud legacy…

Are you ready? Follow along and be sure to visit my Facebook page for daily photo updates: PostcardZ from Victoria!


Feeling elegant in a creation by Marisa of Venetian Dreams.


The powerful symbol of the Venetian Republic, the winged lion.


I dolci! La dolce vita! si!



Everyone enjoys a sunny Sunday in Venice.


Serene moments in la Serenissima…


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Arriverderci & Grazie, Florence!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Florence!

 What’s not to LOVE about Florence?? “Cradle of the Renaissance”, home to jaw dropping, iconic, glorious art…Virtually overflowing with beauty and unforgettable magnificence…

Every time I step into the Piazza della Signoria, I am overwhelmed with a sense of sheer splendor and joy to be back in Florence and that sense of  wonder never leaves me…

I have loved every moment…seeking, savoring, and enjoying la dolce vita Florentine- style!

** Unforgettable Sites **


Pont Vecchio…


Lions of Piazza della Signoria


the Duomo


the Glorious Duomo & Campanile


Michelangelo’s David




the Treasures of the Pitti Palace

the Costume Gallery

the Brancacci Chapel


Medici Library


Church of San Lorenzo


** Exquisite cuisine! **   







  And then there are the wonderful people I’ve been so blessed to meet and spend time with… 

My lovely friends at Casa dei Tintori–Riccardo, Lavinia & Camilla


Silvia& Illaria of That’s Prato


A fun, fabulous tasting & pairing with Coral, of Curious Appetite


Sprnding the day with Michela- fantastic fun!


Dinner with Molly & Michela in Pistoia- amiche!!!


Federico graciously invites me to see Palazzo Belfiore apartments that he & his sister own & manage.


A perfect finale –a food walking tour led by Ismael, courtesy of Walks of Italy

And so I leave Florence with the lingering sweetness of beautiful friendships and memories…

Grazie! I am already looking forward to my next visit…

But now, it’s time to catch the train to Venice! Andiamo! Let’s go!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard! I Love to Hear from YOU! (Just Comment Below!)

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More PostcardZ & La Dolce Vita from Florence!

Let's Go to Italy Together! Going Local in Florence!

 If you’ve been following along on this and many of my other travel adventures, you know that I love going local; meeting local people, enjoying local food and wine and seeing the way the locals live.

Today, my last day in Florence, I did all of that with Walks of Italy on their Florence Food Tour–3-1/2 hours of sampling and sipping the best of Tuscany. Sound yummy? Mmmmm…let’s begin, shall we?


Our meeting place is in Piazza Santa Croce in front of the statue of Dante. Our group will be led by Ismael who begins by sharing and informative history and overview of the Church of Santa Croce and the district (also St. Croce) that we are in. The church is famous for the many illustrious Italians who are entombed here, including Michelangelo and Galileo. 


Church of Santa Croce


Our guide, Ismael, shares about the history of the church and district of Santa Croce

 Sharing about sites of interest along the way, we find our way to our first stop, a local enoteca (wine bar) and we meet the owner, Chaco. 


our first stop, a good sign! Wine bar…


Excellent wines are available right from the tanks.


Chaco only offers biologically organic wines.

   Today we will sample reds from Montepulciano and Montalcino, and a Chianti paired with four crostni with olive oil, and spreads of zucchini, mushroom, and frigatelli (chicken livers, capers, anchovies & a few other ingredients).

We enjoyed each  delicious tasting of wine and crostini while Ismael shared about their origins and background. And, of course, we finished with the classic vin santo con cantucci, the traditional afer dinner dessert wine (which literally means holy wine) and a biscotti perfect for dunking.


Pour yourself a glass of inexpensive table wine!


Tasty Traditional Tuscan Crostini


Vin Santo with Cantucci

  Our next stop is the Sant’Ambrogio Market. Strolling through local markets is always a wonderful experience. The fabulous variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits is at the heart of local cuisine and another way to appreciate the local culture.        

 Making our way through the fresh market, we pass a tempting selection of cheeses, meats, fish…

say cheese! Formaggi!


Fabbio offers a spectacular array of fresh fish.


Local delicacies to be enjoyed daily!

Our next tasting will be with Bano, truly a Tuscan treasure! His pride and enthusiasm are obvious and certainly add to The enjoyment of every delectable bite that we were offered.
Again, Ismael expertly describes each of the tastings starting with parmesans of various ages and a provolone, then prosciutto from Parma and Tuscany.

But we’re not through yet! Next are some local pecorinos followed by cold cuts – basically a Tuscan antipasti: prosciutto, salami Toscano, Finocchiona (salami with fennel & my fav!) and wild boar prosciutto.

OMG! But don’t forget a few olives! And of course there is a selection…

Bano is passionate about his everything he offers!


Typical Tuscan cold cut antipasto


Tasting of olives –dolce, farate, appassiles


We have savored and enjoyed every morsel with Bano and the next time you are in Florence, you must go and visit him! But we must leave because…

It’s time for lunch! Yes, believe  it or not… And it’s just a few steps away at Rocco Trattoria. We enjoy more traditional Tuscan fare: panzanella, cold pasta salad and chick pea soup- with Chianti, of course! And it is buonissimo!! 


Rocco’s is crowded with locals- -always a good sign!


Panzanella-leftover bread with tomatoes, cucumber, basil and red onion soaked in olive oil–OMG!!!


Cold pasta salad — to die for!

This has truly been a most amazing culinary experience. But there’s one more thing we had to try… No Italian dining experience would be would be complete without…

Gelato!!! And for this tasting we stay local and visit Gianpaolo at Il Procopio.  


Gelato extraordinare!

    Passionate about his work, Gianpaolo is constantly seeking the best ingredients, experimenting with new flavors and focusing on pleasing his local clientele which is 90% of his business.

i sampled his award winning Il Procopio, Follia delle Procopi amd the incredible limone con basil- yes, lemon and basil! Out of this world! 


Gelato- a perfect finale!

Grazie to Walks of Italy and to our wonderful guide, Ismael, for an absolutely fantastic Tuscan tasting tour!


The next time you’re in Florence,et local experts show you around!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard! I Love to Hear from YOU! (Just Comment Below!)

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More PostcardZ & La Dolce Vita from Florence!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Daytripping to Prato–Under the Tuscan Sun

 There’s just so much to do and see in and around Florence. Since I don’t drive here i’m always looking for other ways to explore. So when I saw an opportunity to take a day trip to Prato, I decided to go for it!

That’sPrato is a pilot project and effort to promote Prato’s cultural heritage. Fom early May to early July they’re offering four different itineraries for 10 Sundays- free!

My timing was perfect to join “The Etruscan Past” program. All I had to do was register and show up at the appointed meeting place on Sunday morning and be prepared to pay 5€ for entrance tickets!


meet Illaria, one of our guides for the day.


All I had to do was show up!

We were driven in comfort in our motorcoach to Prato, which is a mere 30 minutes from Florence. Prato has a population of over 200,000 and is the third largest city in central Italy. it is trying to change its image from industrial to emphasizing it’s museums, monuments and cultural heritage.

Since 2015 is the Year of the Etruscans, this is a perfect way for Prato to share their Etruscan heritage.

Our first stop is the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo of Cathedral di S. Stefano. The cathedral museum is home to many treasures including works by Fillipo Lippi and Botticelli and the fabulous Donatello pulpit carved from Carrara marble and used only for a specific religious event. 


The Cathedral’s museum


Cathedral di S. Stefano


Silk & velvet brocades vestments


The Funeral of St. Jerome by Fillipo Lippi who spent 15 years in Prato


Botticelli came to Prato & became a student of F. Lippi


Donatello’s delightful pulpit in Carrara marble comes alive with joyous dancing putti (angels).


Leaving  Prato, our next stop will be Comeana and a visit to the Etruscan tombs of Montefortini. Around the 7th century BC, the Etruscans settled in this area. By the 1st century BC, they had appeared which coincides with the arrival of the Romans.

These two tombs or tholos with their beehive shaped chambers, were only discovered in 1966. Both tombs belonged to the same family, which must have been very important because of the size of the tombs.


The largest of the two, looking down into the tomb. They were built above ground and hidden with earth .


The entrance to the second, smaller tomb.


The roof and shelf upon which the urns containing ashes of family members as well as other treasures were placed.

Already our morning has been fantastic…and there’s more! For lunch with a view we are driven up to Artimino, a very small hamlet with only 62 full-time residents. But today is Sunday and all of the local restaurants are full of friends, families or weddings enjoying this spectacular day.

Even the Medicis once enjoyed the view here-they chose this location for one of their 17 villas.


Picturesque Tuscany…



The tiny hamlet of Artimino


One of the 17 Medici villas, now all UNESCO sites

Our last stop is the Museo Archeologico Artimino where you can see the treasures from the Etruscan tombs. 


Prato What a fantastic day! Grazie That’s Prato and to our terrific guides, Silvia and Illaria


Seeing & appreciating Prato with Silvia & Illaria was a n excellent experience.

 If you’re going to Florence and Tuscany, check out Prato, they’re going to be offering similar programs in the fall.

Now that’s la dolce vita, si?? 

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Italy: My Moveable Feast, La Dolce Vita in Florence!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Florence!

Today officially begins my return to Italia–starting here in the “cradle of the Renaissance”, Florence!

My Day on the “Other Side”…of the Arno River, That Is!

There are so many reasons to return to Florence–once you have seen the most famous and not-to-be missed sites, including, of course, the Uffizi, the Accademia (David!), and the famous Duomo, as well as wandering around Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio –for starters; then there’s Palazzos Vecchio and Medici Riccardi, the Bargello, and the Medici Chapels…!

Do your feet hurt yet?? Well, if you’re looking for a quieter and less tourist trodden quarter of Florence, just cross over the river your to the Oltrarno–literally, beyond the Arno. 


My Day on the Other Side of the Arno


View from the Oltrarno…

Florence - Oltrarno

A View of Ponte Vecchio


I decided to explore the Oltrarno today. Starting out from my B&B (which is very close to the Uffizi), my first stop was the grand Pitti Palace. Since I have already toured seen much of the collection (which I highly recommend) as well as the Boboli Gardens, I wanted to visit the Galleria del Costume (Costume Gallery). Incredibly they have several pieces of clothing of Cosimo I Di Medici and his wife, Eleonora that were recovered and restored (it took 10 years!) when there remains were moved. The other fascinating and quite glam exhibit is of clothing of trend-setting, extraordinary women… 

Talk about la bella figura!!

Florence  IFlorence  Florence  Florence      Florence  Florence  Florence  

 My next stop? No, not shopping… It’s time for lunch! I’ve taken notes on great eats to be found in a small piazza nearby, Piazza della Passera. A short and pleasant walk through mostly residential streets with tempting and shops–and may I add uncrowded–I make my way there.

Charming and local–and a refreshing change from the crowds–I have several delicious choices. I decide on  5e Cinque.o I think that the photos say at all, don’t you??




Spaghetti con cicoria, olive taggiasche, aglio, pepperoncino e ricotta salata


Biancomangiare al latte di mandorla con salsa di cioccolato

Delicioso!!  Stll savoring my perfect pranzo, I thought it might be time to pray that my spandex would not fail me and headed for the Brancacci Chapel followed by a visit to Santo Spirito.



The Exquisite Frescoes of Capella Brancacci


Brancacci Chapel


Santo Spirito


And the perfect finale to this perfect day in the Oltrarno??

Gelato & a little shopping of course! 


La dolce vita in Firenze!

More coming soon from the Bel Paese, my moveable feast!

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Getting Ready, Getting All Go!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Now, it’s the home stretch to…Italy!

How I get ready and some tips for YOU!

♦ ◊ ♦

Last week I shared about how Italy is my “moveable feast”…the place that I carry in my heart wherever I go…and I shared how, in a few days — 72 hours to be exact! — I will once again be seeking and savoring my la dolce vita.

Months of planning all come down to this:

 I’ve made my to do lists and checked them more than twice including…

Got the how, where, when, and how long?  Check!

Booked, planned, arranged, budgeted and almost packed? Check!

Checked the weather (often), tweaked the packing list (several times)? Si!!!

Got my passport, my euros, adapters, walking shoes, vitamins, and every other thing on my list? Check!

Called the bank and credit card companies, made copies of my personal info, took care of all instructions for LuluKitty, etc.? Check!

OK, I confess…Im definitely a compulsive list making, over thinking traveler and I admit to having a tendency to over pack (the flip side of being a good packer is that you can squeeze in just a little bit too much).

However, I will only bring my 22” TravelPro carry on (although I do check it through) and my new Lipault 19” Weekend bag —which I LOVE and will carry on…period!

travel planning

Ready to enjoy the sweet life again!

 When I get on that airplane, I like to be absolutely sure I’ve not only taken care of everything on the home front but that I have made all of my plans, reservations, etc. so that I can really relax and enjoy my experience. Sure, I leave space for serendipities but just “showing up” without any research or idea of what I want to do or see? Hmmmm...not for me!

We all have different comfort levels. Some people pack the night before they leave. Some don’t like making plans. You have to find what works for you, your travel “style”.

And, whatever your style may be, I have some excellent resources for you…so, please read on!

Let's Go to Italy Together!So, it’s your turn – time to plan that next getaway? I’ve found that whether it’s a weekend, a week or several weeks, there are always some basics that need to be covered. So, let ‘s cover those bases, shall we?

I have great advice–all of which I have learned the hard way and want to share with you!

Basic Travel Planning Tips

What Kind of Vacation Do You Want?

Consider New Options: Is a Tour or Cruise for You?

Take Care of Biz

Don’t Forget to…

Don’t Forget Your 4-Legged Friends

You SHOULD Take it with You (Packing Tips)

“Just in Case…”

Be Savvy, Not Sorry!

Get the Most from Your Trip!

Just DO IT!!

Make your next trip your once-in-a-lifetime trip!!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard! Just Comment Below…

What Travel Planning Tip Would You Like to Share?

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Italy: My Moveable Feast or La Dolce Vita Redux

Spacer-LaDolceVita My Moveable Feast

Moveable feast is defined as “a religious feast day that does not occur on the same calendar date each year. The term refers most often to Easter and other Christian holy days whose dates are related to it.”

It’s also the title of Hemingway’s posthumously published memoir in which he so eloquently refers to his early days in Paris:

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

Oh, I d V - Venice Italyo love that..the whole idea that you take your feast with you wherever you go…a feast of the heart and senses. Special moments or occasions that touched you or were just made special by the people, the place, the experience… A sweet recollection that brings a smile to your lips and to your heart.

Doubtless looking at photos and reflecting evokes a myriad of memories, emotions and stories! Oh, and gratitude! And that’s certainly something to celebrate, isn’t it? A celebration of memories, the real “souvenirs” of life. For despite whatever hurdles and detours have (and will) be encountered along the path, it is those magical instances that remain…our moveable feast.

For Hemingway, it was Paris that remained indelibly in his heart and soul wherever he roamed in life. For me, it is Italy. (Don’t ask me choose one city, please!)

As writers (and I certainly don’t compare myself to a Hemingway!) we can only hope and attempt to share those fleeting glimpses that evoke and rekindle cherished moments. It’s very intimate and personal, it’s oursContinue reading

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PostcardZ from Victoria: I Love Being a Guest!

Let's Go to Italy Together!It’s been a prettPostcardZ from Victoriay busy few weeks here at PostcardZ from Victoria!

As you may know, I love writing and sharing about my travel experiences. I  always hope that it is informative and inspiring.

And,of course, being published and invited to share as a guest writer/blogger is pretty darn special!

Over the past week or so, I’ve been fortunate to have several of my articles published. In case you missed them, I wanted to share my recent scribbles with you as well as tell you a little about the editors and fellow bloggers, writers, and fans of Italy who helped to make it all possible.


Let's Go to Italy Together!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Grazie, Steph & The World As I See It!

My “First in a Series” of  “The People You Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging “ featured Stephanie Mayo of Lady of the Zoos and The World As I See It.  I was honored to be interviewed for her “Wednesday Writers” Series.

Stephanie is leaving on her epic adventure as we speak. Bon voyage, Stephanie! Looking forward to our paths crossing again soon!Let's Go to Italy Together!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Grazie,  Cathy & Boomer Women Travelers

Boomer Women Travelers was founded by Cathy Sweeney. Being a boomer gal myself, it was inevitable that we would connect and we did via social media.When I asked if I could submit an article, Cathy was very receptive and generous.

I hope you’ll also enjoy my guest post:  “Ingredients for a Perfect Experience!”Let's Go to Italy Together!

Ishita - India

Grazie, Ishita!

Ishita Sood is from India and loves Italy, too! We too, initially connected on Twitter via our love of Italy. She has a blog, and recently featured myself and two fellow bloggers- all of us definitely “Kindred Spirits”.

 In a few weeks we are actually going to connect in person in Venice, Italy! How fabulous is that??Let's Go to Italy Together!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Grazie, GB & Italian Notebook

 I’ve been writing for Italian Notebook for almost three years. It’s a wonderful daily e-newsletter from Rome and is totally curated and managed by GB Bernardini. Italian Notebook published my first article about Pienza and last week they published my 25th!

I had the pleasure of meeting GB when I was in Rome last spring. I’m so pleased with this wonderful collaboration – grazie, Italian Notebook!

I hope you read my latest, “All Ears in Puglia – The Tradition of Orecchiette!” . I also hope you’ll subscribe!

Let's Go to Italy Together!When I first contacted Italian Talks (a fabulous Italy site sponsored by Baglioni Hotels) about submitting an article, I was pleasantly surprised that it was curated and managed by here in the States by Margie Miklas.

Margie - California

Grazie, Margie & Italian Talks

Margie has a wonderful blog, Margie in Italy, and not only did we connect but we’ve become great amiche. She’s been a great support and we’re even going to meet and travel together in a few weeks! You can be sure you’ll be reading about that!!

 My ninth article about an unforgettable wine tour and tasting experience in Puglia, was just published on Italian Talks.

I hope you’ll not only enjoy: “Masseria Li Veli: A Perfect Blend of North and South”

Let's Go to Italy Together!Lora is the the Italy Duchess and she has a yummy blog and site. Like many other fellow Italy-lovers and bloggers that I’ve virtually connected and “bonded” with, we haven’t met…yet!

Grazie, Lora!

Grazie, Lora & Italy Duchess

Besides tempting us with fabulous photos and recipes, Lora also does podcast interviews. I was so delighted when she asked if I would chat with her. Well, get two Italiane together and chatting is not a problem! What fun!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about and listening to: “Making Orecchiette in Puglia”

Podcast       Article

Let's Go to Italy Together!So, what’s next…oh, stay tuned! And, please…

Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard! I love to hear from you! (Just “Comment” below.)

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The People We Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging (The First in a Series)

Finding kindred spirits on line (no, not!) but on the social media platform has been and continues to be gratifying, enriching and so much fun!

Read about how I met Stephanie Mayo, curator of Lady of the Zoos and The World As I See It, and how it has evolved into a wonderful friendship…and an Interview for her Writer’s Wednesday Series!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Meeting a Kindred Spirit, Stephanie Mayo

When I launched my blog almost three years ago, I had no (and I do mean NO!) idea of all of the serendipities and where blogging would/could all lead. And I’m still finding out but initially my goal was to write about travel, get some affiliate marketing jump started, and chronicle my upcoming month traveling in Italy…

And that all happened…but over the last three years, so much MORE has happened that I never expected – namely, finding a community of fabulous fellow bloggers and loving it, embracing social media and loving it, writing a lot more and loving it, traveling to Italy more and loving it…you get my drift, right? Continue reading

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PostcardZ from Victoria Celebrates a Blog-iversary Milestone!

I was reminded by WordPress that it has been three years since I launched my blog/site! Certainly a milestone marking a phenomenal amount of change. Truly, sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come until we take a look over our shoulder. And looking back makes looking forward very, very exciting!


PostcardZ from VictoriaThree years ago, my original plan was to get a blog up and running in time to write about my upcoming month long trip to Italy. I planned to write a different travel blog filled with practical tips based on my personal philosophy, travel experiences, and laced with my own sense of humor. I managed to get a new iPhone (retiring my outdated flip phone), got my domain and blog site published and launched, and learned enough to be able to write and blog from Italy.

So, I officially became a “blogger”. Then, after that Italy trip when my first article was published on Italian Notebook, I officially became a “writer”. Slowly but surely branching out on social media, I concentrated on writing more interesting content and building a following of sorts (efforts which never end, by the way).

Starting and writing, not to mention maintaining, a blog is not only a huge learning curve but it requires commitment. My right and left brain were constantly being challenged and on overdrive (and still are most of the time). Learning how to navigate WordPress and blog lingo (e.g., plug-ins, widgets, SEO’s, and sidebars) and constantly seeking ways to improve my site (ePostcardZ from Victoriaven leaping into affiliate marketing which turned out to be a huge waste of time) could be frustrating and confusing. But I persevered, researched and studied other travel blogs (the good, the bad, the exceptional, and the forgettable!). And all the while, I was learning!

The biggest breakthrough and rewards came when I started to “meet”, connect and interact with a wonderful community of fabulous and supportive bloggers, subscribers, followers, travel partners and professionals, Italophiles, et al, which has become a very close knit virtual community of friends – friends that I NEVER would’ve met otherwise. We’ve “chatted”, shared, supported, encouraged, advised and inspired each other. Some of us have met in person and, now, many of us are making plans to meet and literally connect. (I’ll be sharing about those wonderful connections in future posts.)

All of the focus and hard work culminated this past year when I changed my domPostcardZ from Victoriaain name to PostcardZ from Victoria, my “brand” came together, I focused on my Italy travels, and became a tour leader. The icing on the cake? Realizing a lifetime dream; I published my first book of Italy travel tips. Wow!

Would I/could I have predicted all of this three years ago? Maybe in my heart of hearts, some of it crossed my mind in moments of wishful thinking but I never could have predicted all that has unfolded.

Sharing my passions with YOU is a big part of my journey! So, stay tuned and let’s stay in touch. Who knows where the path will lead us next?

Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard, Won’t You?

I Love to Hear from YOU- Just Comment Below!

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