The People We Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging (The First in a Series)

Finding kindred spirits on line (no, not!) but on the social media platform has been and continues to be gratifying, enriching and so much fun!

Read about how I met Stephanie Mayo, curator of Lady of the Zoos and The World As I See It, and how it has evolved into a wonderful friendship…and an Interview for her Writer’s Wednesday Series!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Meeting a Kindred Spirit, Stephanie Mayo

When I launched my blog almost three years ago, I had no (and I do mean NO!) idea of all of the serendipities and where blogging would/could all lead. And I’m still finding out but initially my goal was to write about travel, get some affiliate marketing jump started, and chronicle my upcoming month traveling in Italy…

And that all happened…but over the last three years, so much MORE has happened that I never expected – namely, finding a community of fabulous fellow bloggers and loving it, embracing social media and loving it, writing a lot more and loving it, traveling to Italy more and loving it…you get my drift, right? Continue reading

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PostcardZ from Victoria Celebrates a Blog-iversary Milestone!

I was reminded by WordPress that it has been three years since I launched my blog/site! Certainly a milestone marking a phenomenal amount of change. Truly, sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come until we take a look over our shoulder. And looking back makes looking forward very, very exciting!


PostcardZ from VictoriaThree years ago, my original plan was to get a blog up and running in time to write about my upcoming month long trip to Italy. I planned to write a different travel blog filled with practical tips based on my personal philosophy, travel experiences, and laced with my own sense of humor. I managed to get a new iPhone (retiring my outdated flip phone), got my domain and blog site published and launched, and learned enough to be able to write and blog from Italy.

So, I officially became a “blogger”. Then, after that Italy trip when my first article was published on Italian Notebook, I officially became a “writer”. Slowly but surely branching out on social media, I concentrated on writing more interesting content and building a following of sorts (efforts which never end, by the way).

Starting and writing, not to mention maintaining, a blog is not only a huge learning curve but it requires commitment. My right and left brain were constantly being challenged and on overdrive (and still are most of the time). Learning how to navigate WordPress and blog lingo (e.g., plug-ins, widgets, SEO’s, and sidebars) and constantly seeking ways to improve my site (ePostcardZ from Victoriaven leaping into affiliate marketing which turned out to be a huge waste of time) could be frustrating and confusing. But I persevered, researched and studied other travel blogs (the good, the bad, the exceptional, and the forgettable!). And all the while, I was learning!

The biggest breakthrough and rewards came when I started to “meet”, connect and interact with a wonderful community of fabulous and supportive bloggers, subscribers, followers, travel partners and professionals, Italophiles, et al, which has become a very close knit virtual community of friends – friends that I NEVER would’ve met otherwise. We’ve “chatted”, shared, supported, encouraged, advised and inspired each other. Some of us have met in person and, now, many of us are making plans to meet and literally connect. (I’ll be sharing about those wonderful connections in future posts.)

All of the focus and hard work culminated this past year when I changed my domPostcardZ from Victoriaain name to PostcardZ from Victoria, my “brand” came together, I focused on my Italy travels, and became a tour leader. The icing on the cake? Realizing a lifetime dream; I published my first book of Italy travel tips. Wow!

Would I/could I have predicted all of this three years ago? Maybe in my heart of hearts, some of it crossed my mind in moments of wishful thinking but I never could have predicted all that has unfolded.

Sharing my passions with YOU is a big part of my journey! So, stay tuned and let’s stay in touch. Who knows where the path will lead us next?

Send Me a Postcard!Send Me a Postcard, Won’t You?

I Love to Hear from YOU- Just Comment Below!

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Sharing My Amazing “Double Header”!

Let's Go to Italy Together! Thursday, March 19th, was truly an exciting day for PostcardZ from Victoria!

A real double header!

Not only did I have my first TV/radio appearance with local celeb host, Arthur von Weisenberg” on “Around the World”...but I also had my first Victoria -Vespa“Head Over HeelZ for Puglia” Presentation/Event ( plus book signing) at Santa Barbara Travel!

It’s so much fun to share about my passion and love for Italy, the extraordinary experiences my Puglia partners and I offer and, of course, about my book, Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Styleall a dream come true!

Thank you for sharing the dream… Continue reading

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A Lucky Day for PostcardZ from Victoria!

And I’m not even Irish! Won’t you listen up and take a look?? Let's Go to Italy Together!Someone is Going to Be On the Air…… and That Someone is Me!!!

Yours truly will be on the air & live in the studio of:

“Around the World with Arthur von Wiesenberger”

…this Thursday morning, March 19th! We will discuss Italy and my presentation and book signing  that same evening here in Santa Barbara. My segment is scheduled for 10:26am! (details below)Dolce Vita March 19 event

“Around the World with Arthur von Wiesenberger” is an award winning, 60 minute syndicated travel broadcast show that airs live every Thursday from 10-11 a.m. PST on KZSB – AM1290, while also streaming live video and audio online at and  (It is also broadcast on Cox Cable, a local cable company.)
Around The World is on Channel 1885, Cox Television, On Demand.

It is rebroadcasted on AM 1290 on Thursdays at 8pm-9pm and again on Saturdays 10am-11am.

Wish me LUCK!!!

And, if you live locally, PLEASE COME Thursday Evening!!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Take a Look!

I couldn’t be more pleased than to share that my 24th article has just been published on Italian Notebook today!Puglia - mamma giuliaIt’s about one of my favorite subjects! Si, FOOD, and the delicious cucina povera of Italy and particularly of Puglia!

Cucina Povera: The Secret Ingredient is…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Maybe you’re ready to say “Si!” and join me for your trip of a lifetime to Italy? I hope so!

Here’s some more information about:

Spring Specials for Puglia: May 29 – June 7

Let's Go to Italy Together!Questions? Need More Information? Contact Victoria!



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Spring in Puglia! Si!!! $UPER Saving$! Extended Deadlines!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Register Now & $AVE!!

The euro is down down down, the dollar is STRONGER – now is the time to say “Si!” and $ave!

Registration Deadline & Savings Extended to MARCH 31st! 

What will you be doing this spring? Are you dreaming of being in Italy? Well, I want to take you there with me! My partners and Puglia experts, Yle and Michele of  YLTour are waiting for us with open arms!

Enjoy the real Italy, the Italy that you’ve always read and dreamed about!


Enjoy Puglia with a small group (no more than 12!), Unpack ONCE & stay in a fabulous family-owned masseria (country farmhouse)! Lovely Accommodations (all with private bath), ALL Mouth-Watering Meals, ALL Sightseeing with English speaking expert guides, ALL Wine & Olive Oil Tastings (& wine with every meal), ALL Cooking Classes, All Transportation & Transfers from/to Brindisi Airport, and so much (a)MORE!

Perfect for couples, friends & singles!

Check Out My YOUTUBE Video HERE, then.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Let’s Kick Up Our HeelZ…in Puglia!

REGISTER by MARCH 31ST and PAY IN FULL  by APRIL 10, 2015 and $AVE $100 per person *


Singles $ave $50 on the Single Supplement!

AND, there’s more!

Our Day to Day Itinerary

I’m Coming! Register NOW!

Let's Go to Italy Together!If you live in the Santa Barbara area, please join me on March 19th for a VERY special evening!

Puglia Presentation, Book Signing, Refreshments, Raffle!

Send Me Your RSVP!

Dolce Vita March 19 eventLet's Go to Italy Together!


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The Color PURPLE = International Women’s Day is TODAY!

Spacer-LaDolceVita~ March 8th ~

Today is…

International Women’s Day!iwd_square

I have to repeat my sentiment from 2013 and 2014….

Of course, I may be slightly prejudiced but I think every day should be women’s day and the fact that there is still an issue of women’s rights rankles me, but I certainly support anything that brings attention to work that needs to be done.Spacer-LaDolceVita

The 2015 Theme is: #Make It Happen!

All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.
Make It Happen is the 2015 theme for the global hub, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognizing women.

Spacer-LaDolceVitaWhy the Color Purple??

From 1908, the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in Great Britain adopted the color scheme of purple, white and green to symbolize the plight of the Suffragettes. Purple symbolized justice and dignity – two values strongly associated with women’s equality. The three colors were used for banners, flags, rosettes and badges to show solidarity.paintitpurple_iwd

From the International Women’s Day site:

“Over time and distance, the equal rights of women have progressed. We celebrate the achievements of women while remaining vigilant and tenacious for further sustainable change. There is global momentum for championing women’s equality.

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day. Many groups around the world choose different themes each year relevant to global and local gender issues.”

Whether you are participating in any of the world wide activities or not, surely there’s time for a special nod of gratitude and acknowledgement of the women in your life? Spacer-LaDolceVita

(All International Women’s Day Graphics Courtesy IWD website.)

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A Wonderful “First” for PostcardZ from Victoria!

Let's Go to Italy Together!On Sunday, March 1st, I had my very first talk/presentation and book signing based on my very first book: “Victoria’s Travel Tipz Italian Style”!

EBook pcard w_LINK copy

It’s the stuff that a would-be wanna-be writer’s dreams are made of! And, no doubt, it was a dream come true! Continue reading

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You’re Invited!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Upcoming EventZ in March!

Please Join Me…

~ March 1st and March 6th ~

I’m so excited to be “sharing the stage” with Susan Van Allen for Italy travel tips talks and book signings in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles!

Details Here

Let's Go to Italy Together!

~ March 19th ~

Book Signing and Presentation!

I’ve created a fabulous presentation for you about Puglia! Please come, enjoy a glass of vino, and see why I love this region of Italy!

Dolce Vita March 19 event

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Coming Soon…

In addition to my presentation about Puglia, I’m finishing a fun and informative multi-media presentation based on my book, “Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style”, and I would LOVE to come and share/do an event/presentation for your group!

Send Me a Message and Let’s Chat About It!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Say “Si”! There are spaces left! And there’s one for YOU!

Puglia v & micheleThere is still plenty of time to get ready for spring in Italy with me! I can’t wait to share Puglia with you…

And in fall? Puglia and Umbria during harvest? Fantastic! And now, two fall Puglia Itineraries!

Remember, space is VERY limited!

Contact me TODAY and let’s plan your “la dolce vita” trip of a lifetime!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Last but Not Least! PLEASE VOTE!!!

“Postcards from Travel PiZazz”, now “PostcardZ from Victoria”  is honored to be:

Short listed in “Best Travel Blog” Category!

Italy Magazine blogger-awards

Italy Magazine’s 2014

Blogger Awards Voting ENDS FEBRUARY 28th!


Let's Go to Italy Together!

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Look Who’s Reading My Book! :D

Let's Go to Italy Together!It’s unanimous!

From Italy to India…Italy lovers, bloggers, authors, travel writers, first-timers & seasoned travelers, Italophiles, Italy tour and travel-related owners/experts…

They all agree…

Continue reading

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No Flowers or Chocolate for Saint Valentine!

♥ No Flowers or Chocolates for This Saint! ♥

Roses are Red,  Violets are Blue…I’m Glad I’m No Saint, Aren’t YOU?

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ *

Typically St. Valentine’s Day conjures up images of romantisaint valentinesc, lovey-dovey stuff like hearts and flowers, boxes of chocolates, mushy greeting cards, and the like… Well, this wasn’t exactly the case for this holiday’s namesake, Saint Valentine – in fact, there was no romance for this saint!

So, no matter how disappointed you might be on Saturday night if you didn’t get those roses or Godiva chocolates, wait until you read about Saint Valentine!

* ♥ * ♥ * ♥ 

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