Why River Cruises are Hot! Hot! Hot!

♥ After my first river cruise, I was an instant fan and enthusiastic supporter! ♥

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What’s not to love??

What a fabulous way to travel. And I’m not alone. The past 5+ years have seen spectacular growth in river cruise bookings.

To meet the demand, river cruise lines are doubling their fleet size. Amenities, excursions, destinations, itineraries, staterooms …are constantly being upgraded and expanded to attract new and returning river cruise enthusiasts.

The question is: Are you ready to be spoiled! Delighted? Pleasantly surprised? If so, read on…

♦ 5 Reasons Why River Cruises are So Popular!!! ♦

#1 – No muss, no fuss – Arrangements are taken care of, every detail attended to, just show up and get ready to be SPOILED! Makes travel so much easier!

#2 – Virtually all-inclusive – River cruises are a great value. No budget-busting surprises since all covered major expenses are detailed and included in the fare.

#3 – Travel the major rivers of the world – Europe Egypt, Russia, China and

Photo Victoria De Maio

World class service!

Southeast Asia, and even the U.S. and  South America. Rivers were traditional “highways”of the past, traversing continents passing through the heart of cities. Now, rather than speeding along the autobahn, you can relax and explore off the beaten track destinations.

#4 – More intimate experience – Since riverboats only accommodate 100 + guests, it’s a much more relaxed ambiance. Also, river cruises tend to attract more experienced travelers.

#5 – Perfect for travelers who want a vacation alternative to the traditional “motor coach tour” or deep water cruise.

♦ 10 Reasons Why YOU Will LOVE a River Cruise ♦

#1 – Your floating boutique hotel travels with you.

#2You only unpack once, making travel oh-so-much easier.

Photo Victoria De Maio

Enjoy a comfortable pace!

#3 – You will you know exactly what your vacation costs are since it’s all-inclusive. You pay in advance in USD so no worries about fluctuating currency. You can even bundle your air and transfers and sometimes add on optional pre- or post- cruise stays.

#4 – Your accommodations and amenities are strictly luxury and upscale.

#5 – You will enjoy gourmet, epicurean dining, with wine and beer included.

#6 – Your daily excursions and tours are arranged and included. Additional sightseeing options will be offered as well.

#7 – You will receive exemplary, professional service (with a low guest to staff ratio).

#8 – Your stateroom will always have a view – they all do!

#9 – You will enjoy regional and optional cultural activities such as wine and chocolate tasting.

#10 – You can travel with friends or family knowing that everyone will enjoy fabulous accommodations, cuisine and excursions. No anxiety about “splitting” tabs or finicky eaters!

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