What’s Your APP-titude? Start with These 25!

There are literally thousands of travel-related Apps and the choices are mind boggling. Obviously, there are way toooooo many to list here and more are being launched daily, so, where do we start?  There is an App for just about anything, but I suggest you be selective to avoid overwhelm…I’m just going to share a few dozen practical suggestions.

Start with…

  • Apps that you can easily manage while traveling. You don’t need hundreds of Apps and you certainly don’t need to overwhelm yourself by trying to learn and navigate too many before you go on your vacation!
  • Apps that are FREE (and there are plenty!) Since so many of the most highly recommended Apps are free, you can easily start without a financial commitment. Download, sample, check them out, and then decide whether you want to keep or delete. Remember: many won’t work if you don’t have internet or WiFi access.
  • Apps you can really use. There’s an App for almost everything! Practically every hotel chain, airline, online travel provider has an App and if they don’t yet, you can bet they will! You can get everything from currency converters to language translators and there are often several for each topic so if you don’t like one, there’s another to try out.
Apps are a terrific travel tool!

Apps are a terrific travel tool!

Remember: Many Apps require WiFi so be sure you can be connected when you want to use them. Most of these are compatible with smartphones. Many are being adapted to iPads as well.

For a Good Start…

1. Flashlight – This is indispensable! Definitely a must!

2. WiFi Finder – Will help you to locate free WiFi

3. WorldMate – Upload your entire itinerary, then email to chosen contacts (and yourself!)

4. Trip It – Another travel organizer to consolidate all of your trip info

5. Currency – Exchange rates

6. GlobeTipping– Tipping calculator and adviser

7. Hotel Tonight – For last minute hotel deals

8. MapsWithMe – For those instances when you need a map but don’t have mobile service

9. & 10. AroundMe and Where to Go–  Will use GPS to locate nearby banks, restaurants, hospitals, movie theaters, etc.

11. & 12. Urbanspoon and OpenTable – Find local food and drink and make reservations

13. HearPlanet – An audio guide that talks to you!

14. Skype – Chat free with other Skype members using your WiFi connection

15. Viber – Free phone calls and messages with to other users

16. WhatsApp – Can text free internationally to others who have the app

17. Trip Advisor – Info  and traveler reviews on accommodations, restaurants, activities, etc.

18. & 19. Seat Guru and Seat Advisor  – Airline info and airplane seating

20. Along with Google Translate, there are LOTS of great foreign language dictionaries and tutorial apps – just search a language and enjoy. Some have handy audio for  pronunciation.

21. Via iTunes you can download lots of great free travel podcasts (e.g. Frommer, Rick Steves) so be sure to have your account open.

22. PicShopLite – Edit your photos

23. SpinCam – 360 degree video camera

24. Instagram – For photo sharing fun

25. If you’re into Social Media sharing, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites have apps as well.

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What apps have you used in your travels? Any favorites not listed here? Please share!

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