Before You Leave Home

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Before you leave home for vacation, don’t forget to:

  • Have timers on lights/lamps – indoor and outdoor.
  • Cancel newspapers.
  • Empty out the frig and toss the garbage.
  • Have your mail held or picked up regularly.
  • Be sure that plant and pet care is confirmed.
  • Have a neighbor/friend check on your home regularly (water heaters burst, alarm systems go off…)
  • Leave a set of keys – house and car with trusted friend or family member.
  • Unplug anything electrical.
  • Notify your bank and credit card companies.
  • If traveling abroad, get some local currency to have on hand when you arrive.
  • Send a copy of your itinerary and contact information to a trusted family member or friend, your sitters, and to yourself.
  • Send a copy of all of your pertinent personal info including passport, credit card info, etc. to  yourself and a trusted family member or friend.
  • Staying in touch: Know your internet and cell/smart phone data plans, especially if you’re going overseas. Talk to your provider about roaming charges, plans, etc. to avoid being surprised by a whopping big bill when you get home.

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7 Responses to Before You Leave Home

  1. Madeline Margraves says:

    I just love your site. Been traveling for some 50 years and your advise on all aspects is right on.

    • Postcards from Travel PiZazz says:

      Thank you sooooo much for your kind remarks. It’s so gratifying to know that you are enjoying reading them as much as I am enjoying writing them!
      You sound like you’ve done a lot of traveling? I’d love to hear about them. (You must have started very young!) And, if there are any subjects you would like me to write about, please let me know!
      Gratitude and safe travels, Victoria

      • Madeline says:

        We happened to arrive in Orvieto in June of 2012 and found ourselves in the middle of a Pagent/Festa (Corpus Christi?) What a wonderful surprise!! We stayed hours longer than planned. It would be nice to know more about all Festas. I have looked at some websites and books but none are complete. We will be in Assisi for St. Francis birthday on October 4,2013. Can’t wait !

      • Postcards from Travel PiZazz says:

        Ciao Madeline! I certainly agree that the Festas are so special. Of course, in Italy, they are also so frequent! My strategy would be to look at the sites of the region(s) I wanted to visit and then look at what is celebrated during different times of year. Festivals and celebrations are often noted in travel guides and the regional and local tourist sites have current calendars. If you have favorites (such as San Francesco, which is a favorite of mine as well), then planning a visit well ahead around those dates is the best.I’m guessing you’ve already done this? I’ve been to Assisi several times and just love it. Is this your first visit? Victoria

  2. Madelinei says:

    Yes to Assisi…….But would love to happen on other occurrences ie. markets, fairs, fiestas and feast days…… What a wonderful country and people

    • Postcards from Travel PiZazz says:

      Ciao, Madeline; If you want to do some local cooking classes, truffle hunts, etc. I have contacts in Foligno (nearby) and Assisi. Also a great agriturismo in Montefalco and a great local ristorante there, too. Lots of charming hilltowns in the vicinity – Spello, Bevagna, etc. Oh, I’m feeling an itch – that I miss Italy itch!

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