10 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Choose a Tour

You’re ready to choose a tour. How do you pick the right tour for you?

There are virtually tours everywhere. After all, tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone wants a piece of the action. So, wherever you want to go, someone is willing and waiting to take you there.

Since there are so many choices, it behooves you to do some soul searching, fact finding, and research. That’s why I’ve narrowed it down to 10 key critical questions you want to consider when choosing a tour.

1 – What’s on your bucket list?

Get out or make your list NOW! Dream big!

2 – When can you go and how long can you stay?           

Timing affects availability and pricing. Be sure to add on travel days.

3 – What is your budget?

What can you reasonably afford? What is negotiable and what is not? Budget: price range, type of accommodations preferred

4 – Where have you traveled? Where would you like to travel?

What did you like/not like about those trips?

5 – What pace and activities do you enjoy?

Do you like to do a lot and be on the go or do you prefer a more relaxed and leisurely itinerary? What types of activities and what activity level do you enjoy?

6 – What kind of traveler are you? What kind of vacation do you want to take?

What’s your travel style? Do you enjoy vacations that focus on culture, food and wine, adventure, big cities, off the beaten track?

7 – Flexible vs. tightly scheduled itineraries?

Which do you prefer? Are you comfortable knowing that everything is planned and that you can just “show up” and everything is planned or do you prefer a more flexible/semi-independent itinerary and time to explore on your own?

8 – What are your special hobbies/interests?

Do you enjoy photography, cooking, architecture, writing, painting, water sports, hiking, wine tasting, art history…? Are you an avid or amateur enthusiast who would enjoy traveling with experts and fellow aficionados?

9 – Have you researched and read the tour information and reviews carefully

Review and compare itineraries of different tours you may be interested in. Look very closely at the tour schedule What’s included? What isn’t? Read reviews and testimonials, not just on their website or marketing material, on Trip Advisor and similar sites. If possible talk to a travel consultant, friends or referrals. Be sure they are reputable, experienced, and legitimate.  Then make up your own mind.

10 – Have you read the fine print carefully

Do you understand the terms and conditions? What is the payment schedule? What is included? What is excluded? What is the cancellation and refund policy? Meals, accommodations, transportation, entrance or class fees (where applicable), gratuities, …

Is there anything else you need to factor in to your decision? For example, do you need to consider physical/dietary concerns? Are you traveling solo, as a couple, as a family?

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