Rollin’ on the Rhine – Part Two…



Are you enjoying yourself? I hope so! And I hope that a river cruise is something you might consider in the future because it’s a fabulous way to travel.

So let’s continue our time together…

A side trip to Luxembourg…

Of course, Luxembourg, isn’t on the Rhine, but a short motor coach ride gets us there for our visit to  this proud and independent constitutional monarchy. As one of  the world’s smallest nations and with minimal regulation, it’s a magnet for international finance.

Luxembourg is actually a grand duchy, the only one in the world. Ruled by the Romans, then Charlemagne, then the Austrian Habsburgs, then Belgium and the Netherlands, Luxembourg declared themselves a neutral state in 1867. However, they didn’t avoid being invaded and occupied many times since.

We enjoy the Old Town with its pedestrian area, but the highlight is the visit to the American Soldiers Cemetery.

Bernkastel, our last stop on the Moselle

In Bernkastel, we are treated to another memorable wine tasting of local Reislings. We then have time to meander and enjoy the local charm. I’m especially intrigued by the signs – which are both colorful and inviting to be sure.

Photo Victoria De MaioBack on the Rhine: Koblenz and Cologne 

Koblenz, where the Rhine and Moselle meet on the Middle Rhine, is over 2000 years old.On the corner is an imposing statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I, first emperor of newly united Germany (1897).

Marksburg Castle, which overlooks and  has dominated the Rhine since the 12th century, has the distinction of being the only castle along the Rhine which has never been damaged.

Cologne (Köln) is the largest city on the Rhine. It’s Gothic cathedral dominates the skyline. Cologne was a major Roman settlement due to its strategic location and there is a fascinating museum near the cathedral where you can view excavated Roman ruins and artifacts.

Eau de Cologne got its name here from an Italian chemist and perfumer, John Maria Farina, who created a new fragrance in 1709 and named it in honor of his new hometown. Coveted by royalty from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana, it is still produced here today.

Amsterdam…the last stop of an unforgettable voyage!

Amsterdam can only be explored via a canal ride and on foot. Oh, you can ride bikes…if you dare! We enjoyed an “overview” with the cruise and then stayed on two nights to explore a little more.

With 60 miles of canals and over 750,ooo people, Amsterdam is a major tourist destination and the major tourist attractions? Pot and prostitution!

The main pedestrian thoroughfare, the Leidplain offers everything and anything! Of course you can find your way to the famous flower marts, the red light district, and museums. We did it all!

The highlight for me was the Van Gogh Museum…an absolute must-do!

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