Monemvasia – A Little Known Gem

 “I have this soft little dream about sitting at a table by the edge of the sea…”

– Shirley Valentine, Shirley Valentine

There was so little information provided about this little seaside village that when we decided to tender to the main village, we thought it would be a short visit.

We decided to explore the Rock or Gibraltar of the East as it is sometimes called and took the bus (that doubles as a school bus) to reach the end of the peninsula.

Monemvasia is Greek for “single entrance” and upon arriving and walking through the single entrance, an impressive gate, we continue along the narrow winding walkway only to discover a totally unexpected gem!

There is, of course, a fortress at the very top of the steep path. We head in that direction but are quickly distracted by friendly shop owners, tiny galleries and boutiques packed with local goods. Little tavernas, sweet churches, napping kitties, and breathtaking views. It’s almost labyrinthine, teasing us at every turn. Charming, picturesque, delightful…we are hard pressed to leave…

Fortunately we have time for another wonderful lunch, a cold beer and a view…oh, the views! Just can’t get enough of them…

Back in the little village, we have enough time to stroll along the shoreline…it’s pebbly but the water is crisp and refreshing on tired feet. A little taverna has tables practically seaside. Another perfect view…and my soft little dream comes true!

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