Victoria’s Gelato Diary – Part II: Lazio and Tuscany

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Victoria’s Gelato Diary 

Part II

In search of the best gelato in Italy…committed to tasting,  evaluating, and sharing…all for YOU!

We began with…

Umbria, Puglia and Campania!

Now, for a grand finale…

Lazio and Tuscany!

(More or less, Rome and Florence)


Your Intrepid Gelato Detective was hard at work this April and May in Italy!

Intensive reIMG_3416search – seeking out gelaterie recommended by locals and experts, succumbing to on-location temptation and sacrifice (of my diet and spandex)…shall we begin? Grazie to the gelaterie of…





I know I only scratched the bare surface of the hundreds of gelaterie there are…so much gelato…so little time!


Victoria’s Gelato Detective 5-Star Rating

Tools of the trade!

Tools of the trade!

My rating is based on the gelato being artiginale (always made fresh daily on the premises with high quality ingredients), eye appeal (no artificial fluff or colors), and an indescribably delicious and authentic flavor, i.e., taste buds zingin’ and singin’!

5 Spoons = La Dolce Vita is in gelato paradiso!

4 Spoons = Not quite gelato paradiso (what would Dante call that?) but definitely delicioso nonetheless

3 Spoons = OK, but didn’t live up to expectations or reviews – maybe a 2nd chance another time?

2 Spoons = Oh dear...looks can be deceiving (so can reviews)

1 Spoon = Detecting gelato no-no’s, passed this one up (sometimes all it takes is looking at it to know it’s a 1)


               Gelateria                   Gusti (Flavors)         1 – 5 Spoons


#15 Rome  Venchi      Nocciola & Giandujotto Ripieno    4.75



#16 Rome       Gelateria d. Palma        Champagne & Melone         3.75



  #17 Rome               Mo’s     Pistacchio Zabaglione                                 Victoria’s All-Star 5.0 Favorites! 

 #18 Rome    Gelateria D. Teatro Ginger & Stracciatella                    Victoria’s All-Star 5.0 Favorites! 

#19 Rome               Flor                     Nocciola & Pistacchio               4.75

A find on Campo Di Fiori

A find on Campo Di Fiori


#20 Florence        Venchi       Cappuccino & Mascarpone w/fig    4.75

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#21 Florence         Perche No          Rosa Crema & Pistacchio          4.0




#22 Florence   Arte del Cioccolato     Pistacchio & Giandijula                 4.5

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 #23 Florence  Cristian Beduschi  Mango, Nocciola, Ciocolatto  4.75






#24 Florence        Gelateria di Neri            Melone, Pompelmo & Bacio    Victoria’s All-Star 5.0 Favorites! 

#25 Florence                     Carapina                        Arancia & Pistacchio         Victoria’s All-Star 5.0 Favorites! 

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 #26 Florence Gelateria di Neri  Cassata Siciliana, Crema Giotto                    Victoria’s All-Star 5.0 Favorites! 







 The Last Gelato…for now!

Until I come back...and I will come back!

Until I come back…and I will come back!

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