Spotlight on Orvieto: Jewel in Umbria’s Green Heart!

Let's Go to Italy Together!The sweet life is alive and well in Umbria, the green heart of Italy! 

And it’s personified in the marvelous hill town of Orvieto.Orvieto - Umbria -Victoria

Orvieto sits on an impressive outcropping of volcanic tufa stone. Settled by the Etruscans, it has an amazing labyrinth of underground tunnels and wells.

However, what gets your attention is definitely above ground! Let’s explore this appealing medieval gem, shall we?

Orvieto: “The City in the Sky”umbria - orvieto

 Orvieto’s Dazzling Duomo


Let's Go to Italy Together!Worp_V-sightseeing-e1372176613601.jpguld you love to explore Orvieto and her enchanting sister hill towns in Umbria?

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