PostcardZ from Lazio…Rome, Vatican City & Beyond!

Let's Go to Italy Together!


Lazio is the home of Rome, the Eternal City and, of course, the capital of  Italy. It is also the location of the separate city-state of the Vatican.

There is so much to see, do and experience here! Thousands of years of history, it’s fascinating, breathtaking, chaotic, crowded and absolutely wonderful!

Read about My Recent Adventures:

Rome-ing the Eternal City!

A Stroll to St. Peter’s to See Papa!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Read About Civita di Bagnoregio

Let's Go to Italy Together!I will be sharing more about my days exploring and enjoying these historic sites as well…

The Roman Forum -Where Caesar & Augustus WalkedRome

The Colossal Colosseum 

V-  Rome-ColosThe Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo’s Masterpiece

RomeThe Exquisite Vatican Museum Rome

Breathtaking…St. Peter’s BasilicaRome

And, of course, other iconic sights…

Tossing coins in Trevi Fountain  Rome

The Glorious PantheonRome

One of Bernini’s Masterpieces – Piazza Navonna

Rome And SO much more to savor and enjoy in this bella cittá!!!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

Before you join me on my “Great Beauty” day, join me for some gelato, won’t you?

V-rome-gelatoLet's Go to Italy Together!MORE Rome-ing Rome in Fall 2014! Delicious!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Visit Rome’s Unlikely Cat Sanctuary!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

And won’t you join me for My 5-Star Day in Rome, which was actually at the end of my visit to Italy this spring (2014). It was all about seeing the Eternal City in style! Wow!

Won't you revisit "The Great Beauty" with me?

Won’t you revisit “The Great Beauty” with me?

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