Spotlight on: Limone sul Garda & the “Longevity Protein”

Here’s to a Long Life in Limone!

Limone sul Garda, Lombardy

 In 1979, a state employee living in Milan,but from Limone sul Garda, was hospitalized and his blood work was analyzed. Test results revealed that, despite having very high cholesterol and triglycerides, there were no considerable signs of damage to the arteries or heart.

Limone sul Garda

Welcome to Limone sul Garda!

After further testing, they discovered an anomalous protein in his blood and called it Apolipoproteina A-1 Milano because of where it was discovered. This protein actually removes fat from arteries and takes it to the liver where it is eliminated. Highly beneficial, it is effective against cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis and heart attack – the leading cause of death n the world!

Further testing, blood work, and research revealed that not only did his father and daughter have the same protein and carry the same gene but so did many other Limone residents! How could this be?

Limone sul Garda, with its secluded location and less than 1,000 inhabitants, sits on the northwestern shore of  Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda. Surrounded by mountains, this quaint and picturesque village is now a popular tourist destination. However, for many generations, Limone remained cut off from the rest of the world. Not until 1932, when a road was built connecting them to nearby villages, did their isolation end.

As it turns out it was this very isolation, along with a combination of chance circumstances, that eventually put Limone on the medical map! Genealogical records revealed that carriers of this unique protein were descendants of a single couple who married in 1644. The gene is carried by so many due to the numerous marriages between blood relatives over the centuries.

Discovery of the “longevity protein” led to a major medical breakthrough and brought attention to this tiny, remote village. Now the synthesized protein, resulting in a revolutionary drug, is part of their proud legacy and a gift from Limone sul Garda to the world!

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