Pasticciotto Leccese: By George, It’s Delicious!

Let's Go to Italy Together!I knew that George Clooney had great taste when I read that he ordered 2000 pasticciotti for his recent wedding in Venice!

Like so many regional specialties, pasticciotti leccese is a pastry found only in the Salento region of Puglia, specifically in the city of Lecce. Pasticiotto may have origins dating back to the mid-18th century in the village of Galatina but Lecce has declared the pasticciotto as its own.Puglia - Pasticciotto

Pasticciotto is basically a delicate pastry filled with a sweet cream/custard. Variations include lemon and, my personal favorite, chocolate cream. Best eaten fresh and warm with a piping hot cappuccino or perhaps with another local specialty, latte di mandorla, pasticciotti are definitely divine!

Puglia - PasticciottoIn the skilled hands of a master pastry chef, the simple ingredients: flour, lard, sugar, and egg yolks become the delicious sweet dough; and, milk, egg yolks, flour, sugar and lemon peel becomes the creamy filling. The dough is expertly rolled out into a long “log” and divided into perfect sections. Individually molded into the pans, filled with the creamy filling, and then covered on the top with another piece of dough, each is perfectly “pinched” and trimmed, then brushed with egg white.

Repeat 200 -250 times!

Then, into the oven for 10 minutes, cooled, removed from the pan and ready to enjoy. The speed and efficiency is pure art form and brings a whole new appreciation to every bite of this Salento specialty.

All I can say is that I’m far more adept at eating than preparing!

Puglia - PasticciottoIf you’re in Lecce, be sure to drop by Luca Capilungo’s, Natale Patisserie or Alvino’s Bar, to name a few local favorites, and find out for yourself why it has remained a local favorite for centuries.Let's Go to Italy Together!

Would you love to enjoy some pasticciotti with us in Lecce? 

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11 Responses to Pasticciotto Leccese: By George, It’s Delicious!

  1. Amazing Pasticciotto and great article Victoria :-)

    • Grazie for the your “visit”, comment and support :D.
      Will be in Lecce in several weeks and fully intend to enjoy LOTS of pasticciotto, not to mention
      all of the other fabulous Pugliese cuisine!

  2. Mmmmmmm, these look right up my street!!! And if George likes them, who am I do argue?!! A great post – I shall be on the look out for these from now on……! ;o)

  3. My mouth is watering….how I remember these. Creamy and delectible.

  4. Paula says:

    These are calling my name for sure! Will definitely try a few of the mini ones in October.

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