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Spacer-LaDolceVitaLa dolce vita certainly includes immersing in the cuisine of a place. And doing a little “hands on” immersion is especially gratifying for me.  Puglia v & micheleEven though I would not be considered a good cook, I love to eat! And I love to eat what is local, regional, traditional...accompanied, naturally, by local, regional, traditional wine!

Oh, and the final ingredient? Friends!!!

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There’s no doubt that the cuisine of a place tells the story of the people of that place and by sharing that experience, it brings us closer to their heritage and world and, certainly deepens our appreciation of their culture and least it does for me.Puglia Fall 2014 - cookingThat said, I wanted to highlight some fabulous hands-on food-related experiences I’ve had over the past year in Italy. Some are cooking classes, some are wine tastings, some are visits to local artisans who are carrying on the traditions of their region…I hope you will enjoy with me as I revisit these very special experiences with very special people!

Buon Appetito!Spacer-LaDolceVitaLet’s start with a few specialties from the south of Puglia, the Salento

All Ears in Puglia: Making Orecchiette PastaPuglia - orecchiette

Lecce’s Delicious Dolce, Pasticciotto!

Local specialties!

Local specialties!

And Some Market Crawls…(Remember! No touching allowed!)

Lecce: Food Market!

Puglia - Lecce Market

Florence: Il Mercato CentraleFlorence - marketRome: Campo Di FioriRome Walks Food 2014Rome: TestaccioRome marketSpacer-LaDolceVitaMore Coming Soon!



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