My PostcardZ from Italy!


Cercare, gustare, amare la dolce vita…con passione!

Seeking, savoring, loving the sweet life…with passion!


“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

-Giuseppe Verdi

La dolce vita for me!

La dolce vita for me!

Ah, la dolce vita…for me! I just can’t help it! I’m passionate about Italy and all things Italian! What is it? Yes, I’m Italian and I was raised in an Italian family, but there’s more to it…the love of family, the love of beauty, the love of life…Italians know how to live!

The food, the fashion, the music, the language, the people, the art, the history, the cinema,  la bella figura …stylish, sensual, romantic, delicious, dramatic…passionate! I love it! I miss it! In 2012 I went back and spent a month there, but I forgot to pack my heart!

No sooner did I get back than I was already homesick and ready to plan my next trip!

And recent trip was this spring (2014)! I traveled for 6 weeks, visiting 5 regions! In fall (2014) I traveled for 3 weeks!

Enjoy PostcardZ from My Visits to…V-Rome- St.Peters 1

Umbria (April 18 – 23)

Puglia (April 23 – May 6) & (September 17 – October 3)

Campania – Amalfi Coast  (May 6 – 12)

Lazio – Rome  (May 12 – 18) & (October 3 – 8)

Tuscany – Florence  (May 18 – 26)

As a lover of all things Italian, I can hardly wait to share my experiences of the sights, cuisine, culture, and wonderful people of each region…

And I will be sharing it ALL with YOU!  Join me on my adventures in search of the sweet life – literally and figuratively!


Please FOLLOW ME as I share my firsthand experiences, photos, impressions, tips and (maybe even) some insights! 

So, andiamo! Let’s enjoy la dolce vitatogether!

And then, maybe you really will come with me in fall!?

Si, we can Go to Italy Together!


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