Puglia Scrapbook – Spring 2014!

Let's Go to Italy Together!In spring 2014, twelve very fun folks and I had an absolutely fabulous time in Puglia! I guess you could say we had the time of our lives kicking up our heelz together!

Staying in the Salento region, just outside of Lecce, Masseria Provenzani was our “home” for 10 days. And what a fabulous home!

After many months of planning and anticipation, meeting and being with Yle and Michele and meeting Mamma Giulia was magic!!

Si, 10 magical days!!!

Join Me, Yle, Michele & Mamma Giulia in Puglia!

Join Me, Yle, Michele & Mamma Giulia in Puglia!

Oh, don’t take my word for it…see for yourself!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Visit charming & historic towns.

We kicked up our heelz together in Puglia!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Pam & Rudy

What a terrific trip you put together for us. Although I have been to Italy many times in the past it was always to the “tourist” areas. Although seeing these areas and revisits were wonderful this trip to Puglia  was so different. The cooking classes, wine & olive oil tasting, gelato making, and the camaraderie experienced by staying at the farm house was just something special and unique.
Above all I would say that the Value we received for the price we paid was fabulous. I personally would recommend your tour to anyone who wants to experience Italy not just see it!!!

Rudy R.

I have been to Italy four other times, and each time was fabulous. But, they were the “big city” tours: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice etc. This trip encompassed the little seaside villages; the fisherman hawking their morning catches, and a storekeeper showing us how statues and figurines are made of papier mache. We saw how villagers came to the wineries with empty jugs so that the local wine could be pumped into their jugs…..no, not poured and sniffed…..pumped to take home. What an eye-opener that was.
The pasta cooking classes were so much fun. Even though I am not a cook the creations we made and the giggles and laughter that accompanied each endeavor were priceless. Gelato making, pastry making, cheese making…..such fascinating experiences.
Our “hotel” was a former farmhouse, fortified with towers due to piracy invasions centuries ago. The rooms were former stables where the ranchers slept…..of course remodeled. But it was the real thing. And that is what I liked the most about our trip to Italy this time. We were immersed in the real Italian living.
Thank you Victoria, Michele, Ylenia, and Mamma Giulia for giving us unforgettable memories.

Pam A.

Let's Go to Italy Together!Barb & Patt

What can I say, it was an all around great trip! From yoga in the morning to the delightful people we shared our days with. Our day trips, learning about the cultures, cooking classes, we were busy enjoying ourselves. Rain or shine we all made it happen.
Fun Fun Fun!
Thank you,
Barb S.

Oh Victoria, I want to go back and do it AGAIN! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I am still smiling and my husbands says I am a changed person, more down-to-earth and grounded!  It has always been there, but it took the spiritual trip to Italy for my soul to be re-born.  Thank you everyone for being there with me on this truly amazing trip! 

Special thanks to my traveling partner Barbara S and Victoria for giving me the encouragement to explore by dreams.

Patricia F.Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia - Group cooking

What could be more fun than cooking and eating together?

Let's Go to Italy Together!Margaret & Susan

Let's Go to Italy Together!Joan & Patte

You, Victoria, made the experience special, your enthusiasm and sense of adventure, and your thoughtfulness and attention to detail….also your concern for each of us…..making sure we were OK  and taking care of our needs (whatever they may have been) and rerouting our itinerary because of weather etc.
I have and will continue to recommend the trip to others.
Giovanna (Joan D.)

Let's Go to Italy Together!Mary & Michael

Let's Go to Italy Together!Barbara & Bill

At first, Bill and I were cautious about going on a tour—would it be too confining?  Would it be stimulating enough?
This trip was the best!  We explored and learned something new every day.  And we also had time to relax and enjoy meals.  The group was very compatible — we all laughed and joked and shared our lives and experiences.  I would do another trip like this in a heartbeat!

Barb V.

Let's Go to Italy Together!

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