Puglia Scrapbook – Fall 2014

Let's Go to Italy Together!We Kicked Up Our HeelZ Together in Puglia!

Fall 2014!

Join us as we savor and relive every minute of our visit to the Salento area of Puglia! Cooking and eating local regional specialties, tasting the superb local wines and olive oils, day tripping to historic and picturesque cities, experiencing more Made in Puglia” artisans and markets…and so much (a)more!!!

Please scroll down and read what the Fall 2014 participants have to say about their experience!Let's Go to Italy Together!

Mangia! Cooking and Eating Together

Cucina Povera is always healthy and local. Fresh ingredients simply prepared for flavorful and delicious dining. The dishes are determined by what is available that day at the local markets… Zucchini and their flowers, mushrooms (like you’ve never seen before!), fresh made-from-scratch pasta made into traditional orecchiette (little ears), pizza from scratch and so much more!!! Oh, and always accompanied by vino!

I can almost smell all of the mouthwatering aromas now, can’t you??

“I never thought I could have so much fun tasting everything Salento had to offer. Cooking was great and I especially loved our 2 nights at the wine school.” – Ginny D.

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Tasting Together! Wine, Olive Oil, Local Markets & Artisans…(and Gelato, of course!)

Fresh, local, seasonal, organic…fantastic!!! The “00” Rule – Nothing grown more than 100 km away.

Loved the wine tasting and thought the tour and explanation was the best I had ever had…” – Cheryl K.

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Day Tripping Together!

Visiting the unique historical and picturesque sites and cities of the area…Lecce, Ostuni, Alberobello, Otranto, and Gallipoli just to name a few!

“I think the excursions were very fun, informative, and gave us a real feeling for the region. I don’t know that I could pick out one favorite–they were all great.” -Carol L.

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Let's Go to Italy Together!An Unforgettable Experience….

Puglia Fall 2014 - CarolCarol L.: “If you want to experience rural Italy from the Italian’s point of view, this trip is for you! You will see many wonderful small cities and villages, taste some of the best food in all of Italy, and enjoy it among the warm and welcoming people of the smaller cities. Victoria and her cohorts in Puglia pulled out all of the stops to provide a truly great experience.” 

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia Fall 2014 - CherylCheryl K.:This trip was everything it promised and more.  I have been to Italy twice before but never got the real ‘Italian’ experience (the food, wine, people).  And the value for the price was terrific.  This was a real lifestyle and food odyssey and I loved every minute of it.”

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia Fall 2014 - GinnyGinny D.:This was a trip of a lifetime for me and so needed. Victoria made
every aspect of the trip a delight. Unpacking just one time was a plus, as well as having every thing so organized and not wasting any of our time figuring out what to do next. The quality of    
food, the excursions, and the warmth of everyone at the Masseria was beyond exception.  I would definitely recommend the trip to others.  Now to save money for next exciting trip with Victoria.” Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia Fall 2014 - Miriam

Miriam L.:  “This was the trip of a lifetime– it enticed all the senses. I would recommend it to anyone!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

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  1. Ginny Dias says:

    This was just what I needed tonight…….reliving my wonderful trip with you and the girls.
    Thank you for such a comprehensive travel post….love you, Ginny

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