♥ LetZ Fall Under the Spell of the Italian Riviera! ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ LetZ Fall Under the Spell of the Magical Italian Riviera! ♥

 Let’s Plan YOUR Private Custom Visit to Liguria!

We are looking forward to offering exciting new itineraries, experiences and possibilities for you to enjoy Liguria and other spectacular nearby regions!
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Let's Go to Italy Together!

Consider the Possibilities…

Visit Genoa, Cinque Terre, Portofino & Much More!5919a7f1-fedd-4f50-9ace-bcb4304b456f-2

You are cordially invited to join us in spectacular … Liguria!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

♦ Highlights ♦

Liguria may be one of the smallest regions in Italy but it is literally bursting with beauty and appeal!

You’ve seen the breathtaking photos of the Mediterranean coastline, the dazzling colors of the picturesque seaside villages hugging the shorelines and cliffs, and its iconic ancient port with its maze of medieval passageways and elegant palazziYou can almost smell the sea air and feel the breeze against your face, can’t you? I know that I can!8e0c0e46-b2ef-4be3-b189-46980c5c7079-3Facing the Mediterranean, Genoa is the capital and was called “La Superba”, the superb one, by Petrarch. It was also long considered the “city of arms and trade” rivaling Pisa and Venice in a centuries old power struggle over dominion of the seas. We’ll visit her Porto Antico and the dazzling palazzi hailing from Genoa’s glory days as a maritime power.

98651c0f-7dff-48c3-ae9e-adffe6385ed7-2Genoa still offers a unique blend of her traditional and authentic roots; the historical labyrinth of ancient alleyways and streets, called “Carrugi”, where food and artisan shops serve local traditional delicacies and you’ll find the old cafè where Verdi loved to taste pastries.4c796169-178a-46cc-a6d9-30e266b7771a

  • Of course, you must sample Genoa’s signature pesto sauce and yes, you can learn how to make it and other Ligurian specialties during your time here! Bring your appetite!Photos Victoria De Maio

Can you visualize yourself sitting at a seaside cafè in Portofino or Santa Margherita overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean, sipping an espresso or perhaps a glass of local wine? (I know I can!) Maybe a little window shopping and stopping for a local delicacy or gelato?Photos Victoria De Maio

Go day tripping to the iconic Cinque Terre fishing villages, where you’ll explore the unique beauty of each village. Marvel at the steep terraced slopes dotted with vineyards and pastel dwellings.  Visit some secret spots and enjoy a personal tasting and antipasti with a local winemaker.


And there’s much much more! Immerse, experience, savor and revel in all that this tiny but enormously attractive and rich region has to offer.Photos Victoria De Maio

Every day will be carefully planned to share Liguria’s genuine cultural legacy at a comfortable pace. Accompanied by local experts, you can enjoy being personally escorted and introduced to all that authentic and undiscovered Liguria has to offer.

Let's Go to Italy Together!Get ready to be amazed and delighted by the allure and appeal of Liguria!Photo Victoria De Maiod2840031-3cd4-4c70-982f-a3195e0c2697-2

  • Surrounded by the natural scenery of the hills and overlooking the sea, visit the famous Cinque Terre villages.7ca46b73-013c-436f-97a8-1c9354f89b8a
  • Enjoy guided walking tours of historic and enchanting Genoa, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino, the Cinque Terre Villages,  Camogli, Levanto, Noli, Finalborgo, Chiavari, and more!8a7141c7-b6a3-4352-be0d-b8af595f6aa1
  • Meet and dine with the King of Pesto.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Get lost in the maze of Genoa’s “Caruggi”, the narrow alleys of Europe’s largest medieval center.
  • Admire the elegant painted Rolli Palaces, the old noble palaces of Genoa, now listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Discover the authentic “essence” of Genoa, a multi-layer town rich in contrasts that still preserves its ancient traditions.
  • Discover Genoa’s original and unchanged century old food and artisans shops.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Enjoy making the famous local specialty, pesto sauce, the old-fashioned way: with mortar and pestle!Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Live la dolce vita in the picturesque storybook towns of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure with their VIP villas, gardens, chic boutiques and stunning natural scenery.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Explore the Ponente, the western side of the Italian Riviera, with its appealing medieval hamlets and fishing villages.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Meet a local producer of “chinotto” a special kind of citrus listed by Slow Food and learn how this unique fruit is used.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Be enchanted and seduced by the unique beauty of the Cinque Terre villages: visit the “5 lands” and explore her secret corners with our local expert private guide.
  • Get ready to put on your apron! Learn firsthand about the healthy, traditional recipes of the Ligurian cuisine. Using only fresh seasonal, local, organic ingredients, it’s based on vegetables and the delicate local extra-virgin olive oil.Photos Victoria De Maio
  • Visit local artisans and learn about local crafts and the “Made in Italy” tradition.
  • Pre-tour information and travel consultation/assistance.
    Let's Go to Italy Together!

Benvenuti to Beautiful Liguria!

I love to see a place through the eyes of locals who know and love their native region and I love an experience that is out-of-the-ordinary.

In order to offer that to you, I have collaborated with local experts, Emanuela and Anna of BeautifuLiguria.

Photo: Victoria De Maio

Toasting to a successful partnership with Anna & Emanuela !

Thanks to their expertise and guidance, rich and authentic cultural experiences are now available to YOU!

Let's Go to Italy Together!