♥︎ Let’s DiZcover Tuscany’s Treasures…Together! ♥︎

Let's Go to Italy Together!An exclusive, luxury Tuscan experience with art, food, fashion & fun designed for YOU!

You are cordially invited to join us in magnificent, breathtaking Tuscany!

We would love to design and plan a personalized Tuscany tour just for you and your family or friends…

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Have you always dreamed of visiting (or returning to Florence) and the magnificent Tuscan countryside? Whether you’re an art and history buff, foodie, wine lover, shopaholic or just love Italy, we promise that you will absolutely LOVE the experience we design for you!

Here’s a sample Itinerary…Start dreaming!

Starting in the iconic city of Florence, then moving to the bucolic countryside and visiting her quintessential hill towns, we will DiZcover Tuscany’s Treasures… together!

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Florence! “Cradle of the Renaissance” Photo by Victoria De Maio

For the first half of our experience, we will stay in the fabulous newly-restoredTornabuoni View B&B in the heart of chic, historical Florence. On the top floor, every luxuriously appointed room has an en-suite bath and a fabulous view. With only 6 rooms we will be the only guests for our five (5) nights here.

Our expert local guides, Michela and Molly, will introduce us to this iconic city that has inspired artists and writers for centuries. From Michelangelo’s “David” to Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” and Brunelleschi’s dome, Florence will delight and inspire you, too! And then, of course, there’s Tuscan cuisine and vino…and shopping extraordinaire! Are you ready??

* ~ Highlights of  YOUR Dream Trip ~ *

Conveniently located just steps away from the famous sites of Florence, we will explore the art, food, and shopping treasures of the “cradle of the Renaissance”.

Our hostess/guide, Michela Ricciarelli and art history guide, Molly McIlwrath, will be our local experts.

Guided walking tours of historic Florence with Molly including guided visits to the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia (Michelangelo’s David!) and the magnificent Duomo.

Explore the neighborhoods of Florence and learn about (and sample, of course) Tuscan specialties.

Visits to Mercato Centrale and San Ambrogio market.

Caffè tasting at a historical Florentine caffè.

Shopping with Michela, our personal shopper, including visits to local goldsmiths, boutiques, and artisans.

Surprises and free time to explore.


The Gems of the Tuscan Countryside

Photo by Victoria De Maio

For the second half of our experience, our private van will transport us from Florence to nearby Pistoia, a small but thriving Tuscan town with Etruscan origins, the third largest church dome in Italy and with one of the most bustling produce markets daily in its central square, the Piazza della Sala!

Located in the Tuscan countryside, we will be perfectly situated to visit some of Tuscany’s nearby gems including Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa, and Greve/Chianti country.

A leisurely pace, total immersion, a unique experience – all this is waiting for you! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

* ~ Highlights ~ *

You will feel like royalty staying in our beautifully restored palazzo, Locanda San Marco. Located near the heart of Pistoia, we will enjoy our relaxing breakfasts and aperitivi together after our days exploring the fabulous, fabled Tuscan countryside.

A guided walk and cheese tasting in charming Pistoia.

Private air conditioned van for our day trips and informative guided walking tours to Tuscan gems; Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa, and Greve.

A day in Chianti country including a Chianti experience! Visit, tour and enjoy a fabulous lunch and wine tasting at a historical villa/estate.

A cooking class featuring regional specialties (and dinner, of course!) at an organic farmhouse near Pistoia that produces extra virgin olive oil and wine.

“Pizza night” at the oldest pizzeria in Pistoia.

Enjoy local specialties and aperitivi.

Wine with dinners.

Intimate, personal, leisurely pace.

Free time to explore, relax, shop or have another gelato!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

* Let US Design and Plan YOUR Dream Trip to Tuscany *

We would LOVE to design and plan YOUR dream trip to fabulous Tuscany! Just click here for more info or send me an email today and let’s get started!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Read About Your Hosts!

*   Your Hosts: Michela, Molly & Me!   *

Because YOU deserve only the best!

We are looking forward to sharing our love and passion for Italy with YOU!

Photo by Victoria De MaioPrepare yourself to be pampered from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave! Enjoy and be immersed in the true Italian culture and lifestyle— la dolce vita Tuscan style!

A unique and authentic Tuscan experience awaits you…please meet …

Let's Go to Italy Together!Photo by Victoria De Maio *~ Michela “Miky” Ricciarelli ~*

Tuscany-born Michela Ricciarelli is a qualified and certified Tuscany tour leader and personal shopper. She specializes in organizing Tuscany walking tours tailored to foodies, fashionistas and art-buffs in Florence, Pistoia, Lucca and the bucolic Tuscan countryside.
Michela’s local knowledge and enthusiasm as well as the genuine passion she feels for her region will make our experience truly extraordinary.

Visit Miky’s blog/web site: www.passion4food4fashion.wordpress.com

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Photo by Victoria De Maio*~ Molly McIlwrath ~*

Molly’s love affair with Italy began at an early age and blossomed into a full fledged life and career in Italy. After years of dedicated study and work in various regions, she now lives in Pistoia and works primarily in Tuscany “leading specialized art historical tours as a professionally licensed guide in and around Florence and its surrounding province…”

Recognized for her in-depth love and knowledge of Italian art, literature and history, Molly is the perfect guide to share and bring alive the rich tapestry of Florence’s art and history.

Visit Molly’s blog/web site: www.letterartemente.com

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

Graphic Copyright Victoria De MaioQuestions? Don’t hesitate to contact Victoria today!

We can’t wait to share la dolce vita Tuscan-style with YOU!


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