Come to Italy with Victoria!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Victoria -VespaI’m going to Italy…and I want YOU to come with me!!

Are you ready? Si!?!?

Then, andiamo…let’s go!!

Travel in a small groups, stay luxury accommodations, enjoy sightseeing and guided walks with local experts…Plus meet local artisans, and enjoy cooking class(es), wine tasting(s), and so much (a)MORE!

Enjoy la dolce vita with me in this fall in Puglia or Sicily!!

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Register by March 28th and $AVE $$$$!!!

Highlights: Puglia & Sicily!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

We’re going back again because…

♥ We LOVE Kicking Up Our HeelZ in Puglia! ♥

Benvenuti to Puglia!

Benvenuti to Puglia!

Puglia is the charming heel of Italy’s boot…and you can join us…

♥ More Puglia! ♥

Enjoy La Dolce Vita Salento Style!


Will This Be the Year You Finally Say “Si?”

Mark Your Calendars NOW!

September 21 – 30

Register by March 28th and $AVE $$$$!!!

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Puglia Alberobello Collage 3

Let's Go to Italy Together!

 ♥ ! Sicily! ♥


October 4 -19

Register by March 28th and $AVE $$$$!!!

Photo: Victoria De Maio

Let's Go to Italy Together!Do you DREAM of going to Italy but don’t know where to start planning?

V-sightseeing - small no LuluWould you LOVE to go to Italy but these dates don’t work?

Would you LOVE to travel with your friends and/or family?

I can help you!

Let’s plan YOUR very own customized small group trip!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

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5 Responses to Come to Italy with Victoria!!

  1. Peter says:

    Have you ever done anything in Calabria?

  2. Carlo says:

    Where in Puglia . Im fro the Bari region of Puglia . Have you had trips to the Gargano region of Puglia ?

    • Ciao Carlo!

      The tour is in the Salento sub-region so, at this time we don’t do tours of the Gargano region. However,
      if you would like some info or contacts, I can refer you?
      Here is the link to the highlights of the tour I offer: Head Over HeelZ in Puglia!
      I appreciate you stopping by and commenting, Carlo!

    • Rob says:

      Ciao Carlo! I visited Bari last May, and it was one of the most memorable trips ever! Bari is
      beautiful, and the people are the most friendly I have encountered. Bari is not frequented
      regularly by tourist, as the people often told me. I think it should be, because it’s a part of Italy worth visiting.

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