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Sleeping Around in Santa Barbara…

Yes, I confess, for the past few months I’ve been sleeping around here in Santa Barbara…but, it isn’t what you think!

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Spanish Garden Inn: My Heavenly Stay-cation in the Heart of Santa Barbara

You can live in a place and drive by a place for virtually years and never think twice about it, never really pay attention…until you get a request and opportunity to take a closer look… When opportunity came and I … Continue reading

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A Day at The Getty Villa in Malibu…

The Getty Villa in Malibu is an absolute “must see” if you’re visiting Southern California. Modeled after the Villa dei Papiri, a Roman country house in Herculaneum, The Getty Villa has faithfully incorporated architectural details “based on elements drawn from … Continue reading

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I Madonnari – Italian Street Painting in Santa Barbara

This Memorial Day weekend an Italian tradition, I Madonnari, has been celebrated with a festival in front of the beautiful “queen of the missions” in Santa Barbara. Read about this tradition, how it was revived and, if you can’t be … Continue reading

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♥ When a Rose is More than a Rose…♥

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ♥ “A rose is a rose is a rose” or so said Gertrude Stein. At least it’s attributed to her. It’s often interpreted to mean that things just are what they are…no more, no less… … Continue reading

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Send Me a Postcard…

When we’re on vacation, we’re usually having such a great time that we often don’t realize that we’re making  memories…often some of those once-in-a-lifetime type memories. And, when you think about it, they are all once-in-a-lifetime, aren’t they? Maybe it … Continue reading

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Take a Vacation…in Your Own Backyard!

Spring, spring fever, spring break, holidays, long weekends, summer vacations… You’ve got the itch…to do, to go, to take a break, to getaway, to take a vacation… You need a vacation…but maybe your vacation budget doesn’t quite meet your vacation … Continue reading

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Travel TidBitZ: Making Travel $en$e

Today’s Travel TidBitZ:  Making Travel $en$e How can we plan a vacation that makes $en$e? Thank you for joining me this morning!  Tidbit is defined as a morsel, snack, bite, treat, a small taste of something…a tiny little bit of … Continue reading

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