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I Madonnari – Italian Street Painting in Santa Barbara

This Memorial Day weekend an Italian tradition, I Madonnari, has been celebrated with a festival in front of the beautiful “queen of the missions” in Santa Barbara. Read about this tradition, how it was revived and, if you can’t be … Continue reading

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♥ When a Rose is More than a Rose…♥

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ♥ “A rose is a rose is a rose” or so said Gertrude Stein. At least it’s attributed to her. It’s often interpreted to mean that things just are what they are…no more, no less… … Continue reading

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♦ Off the Beaten Track in Puglia ♦

You’ve probably never heard of the small town of Corigliano d’Otranto located near the town of Lecce in the Salento sub-region of Puglia. I know I never had and it’s another, among so many, appealing gems easily overlooked by travelers…

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The People We Meet Along the Way or the Unexpected Rewards of Blogging (The First in a Series)

Finding kindred spirits on line (no, not!) but on the social media platform has been and continues to be gratifying, enriching and so much fun! Read about how I met Stephanie Mayo, curator of Lady of the Zoos and … Continue reading

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Let’s Take a Stroll…To a Cat Sanctuary in Rome

This is the first of many strolls I’d like us to take together…let’s take our time and just enjoy the sites, shall we? * * * * * Cats in Rome… A Long History It’s hard not to notice the … Continue reading

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SideTripZ: Let’s Take a Walk, Shall We?

Today’s SideTripZ is a personal observation. An observation about a fairly simple subject…taking a walk. Or is it that simple? Taking a walk can be incredibly pleasurable and rewarding or it can simply be a way to get from here … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women – 2014

March is National Women’s History Month and Today is International Women’s Day 2014 This year’s theme is Inspiring Change I’m all for that! Positive change, of course. Sometimes I can’t believe that we still have to talk about inequality – … Continue reading

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No Flowers or Chocolates for This Saint!

When I travel I love researching the legends and stories of my destinations. Part of that is a curiosity about the origin of rituals, holidays, and traditions…in this case, Saint Valentine’s Day. * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * No … Continue reading

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Today’s Travel TidBitZ: An Indelible Memory on Veterans Day

Today’s Travel TidBitZ: An Indelible Memory on Veterans Day “We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick Thank you for joining me this morning!  Tidbit is defined as a morsel, snack, bite, … Continue reading

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Carving Out a Tradition on Halloween!

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins at Halloween? Do you carve a pumpkin on Halloween? Do you make it good and ghoulishly scary and put it on your porch or doorstep to “welcome” trick or treaters? Maybe you put a candle … Continue reading

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