Boomer Gals – You’re STILL the Stars of Solo Travel!

Let's Go to Italy Together!When I first published this post 3 years ago, Boomer gals were emerging as the growing demographic in solo travel.

Well, feeling slighted and overlooked hasn’t slowed us down! More than ever, Boomer women are traveling. We love escorted tours and often travel solo. And we are definitely looking for more than spa treatments!

Yep, we are a force to be reckoned with and, more than ever, we’re definitely kickin’ butt and takin’ names!Victoria - title photo1 More updates and travel tips about solo travel…

Let's Go to Italy Together!Cruise lines and tour companies have definitely taken notice: Many cruise lines are now offering single supplement waivers on select itineraries. And, following suit, many tour companies are re-evaluating hefty single supplements making solo travel more affordable. Hurray!

The Boomer Generation, especially women, are definitely stepping  up, stepping out and wanting to see the world…often on their own! Once seen as almost pitiful (like you don’t have any friends or family who will travel with you, poor thing!), now solos are catered to and welcomed. There are more and more choices and opportunities, and Boomers are packing their bags and living those dreams!

“I travel because I’d rather look back at my life saying ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘if only I had…'” – Florine Bos

As a matter of fact, Boomer women are traveling more than ever! Domestic or international; with family, friends or solo, they’re more likely than men to travel on their own and they have the resources to do it! As a matter of fact, according to

“Boomer Women control more than 1/2 the nation’s discretionary income and 3/4 of the country’s financial wealth.”

I remember when I decided to take my first totally solo venture. I decided that I knew it was something I had to do so I set out to find my “courage muscle” –  a long weekend to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I flew to Albuquerque, rented a car, stayed in a B&B, enjoyed great food, took a cooking class, went to the Opera, went to museums and shopping, and drove all around the area. In other words, I did exactly what I wanted to do – all solo and I loved it! Sure, there were “moments” when I felt a bit lonely and shy but overall I was so damn proud of myself! I knew then, as I know now, that a “courage muscle” has to be flexed!

Since, I’ve traveled solo and combined it with small group tours (that I organize and lead) and sometimes meet with friends. It’s perfect. I meet my doubts head on, take a deep breath and overcome them one at a time. Always taking precautions for my safety and well-being, I find that my solo travels have made me a better traveler. I’m forced to engage and interact and, therefore, I grow and learn…and meet so many fabulous people!

Photo: Victoria De Maio

My “private” visit with Papa in Rome – solo but certainly not alone!

For those not quite ready to do an entirely solo trip, especially internationally, joining a small group of like minded travelers is the perfect way to be “solo” but still have the umbrella and security of the group. I did this on my first “solo” trip to Italy years ago. I had been traveling solo domestically for business but going overseas was a new “stretch”. I was going to meet a group in Rome and flew in several days before and after the tour to explore a little on my own. It was truly a breakthrough for me as I met my apprehensions and anxieties and not only survived but have never had a regret!Let's Go to Italy Together!

It’s because I’m so familiar with the reservations many solo travelers (especially women) have, and particularly if traveling internationally, I found myself organizing small groups (never more than 12 guests) to Italy. (Okay, I also happen to LOVE Italy!) Suitable for couples and friends, they are also absolutely perfect for the solo traveler.

I’ve even had seasoned solo travelers as guests and they loved the experience, too.  It’s the perfect compromise between being totally on your own and still having the support and comfort of the group. No fuss, no muss, just sit back and enjoy yourself!

Puglia Toast Together!

Toasting to a new adventure together!

Let's Go to Italy Together!So my advice to you is to revive that dream, meet those fears head on and just take that first step – even if it’s a baby step, you’ll be so gratified that you did!

As Wayne Dyer said, “Do it now. The future is promised to no one.”

PostcardZ from VictoriaAnd I’m here to help you! Let me know how you plan to flex your travel courage muscle in 2019! I’d love to hear from  you…and I have some tips, too…

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Let’s Go to Italy Together!

Let's Go to Italy Together!


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9 Responses to Boomer Gals – You’re STILL the Stars of Solo Travel!

  1. Sandra Brooks says:

    Woohoo! Let’s hear it for strong, independent Boomer women!! You lead the pack in a wonderful, exciting way. Keep representing us as the traveler extraordinaire!

  2. Wonderful post and thanks for including me! I did have a fantastic time last spring with you in Puglia!!!

  3. Paula says:

    Yes a great post to remind us all to not be hesitant and seize the opportunity to travel when you can, and not waiting for others to join you. The scariest moments are in a country where you don’t speak their language and you are at the train or bus stations – it can actually feel a little lonely!
    Your tours are perfect in that they allow a person to travel independently within a small group! Every solo experience wether it be travel or something else, only makes you more confident to tackle the next hurdle.

    • Thank you so much, Paula, for your words of wisdom and testimonial. You’re a perfect example of a Boomer gal who steps out and lives her travel dreams and also finds a small group a rewarding experience. The perfect combo, si? Looking forward to fall in Puglia together!

  4. Love this post Victoria! I have been traveling solo since the early 80’s, driving from coast to coast and in between. I camped, yes in a tent! and stayed in hotels. I discovered White Line Fever is a real thing :-) I have taken a few solo motorcycle trips covering over 1000 miles per trip. I took to the skies finally in the early 2000’s.

    You are right, at times it can feel lonely, and I agree with you that you are kind of forced to be a bit more outgoing and out of our comfort zone. I found traveling 1 Up as we call it on a bike, that people came up to me just because of the curiosity factor. I love interacting with other travelers and locals when going solo. With social media I now feel like I am connected with friends even though I am half way across the country.

    Being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, for as long or short as I want to do it is awesome! There have been times I wished there was someone to share an ‘ahhh….’ moment with, but mostly it is a great way to travel. Let’s see if I still feel that way when I make my first solo trip to Italy 😉 I know that will be a bit intimidating.

    I love to hear that the travel industry is finally recognizing the Solo Traveler. I love the tours that you do and hope to join you some day. Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths some day in CA as well! Thanks for all of your efforts!!!! <3

    • Thank you so very much, Rae! I love hearing about your fabulous solo adventures. You’ve really been building that “courage muscle” and have many more fabulous stories ahead of you. I truly hope you can join me on one of my tours, too – I absolutely know you’d LOVE it…predicting paths will most assuredly cross!
      Carry on! 😀

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