Italy Travel Tip: An Intimate Look at Puglia, A Guest Post

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Let's Go to Italy Together!Today’s Guest Post, originally published two years ago, is from my lovely friend, tour partner, and Expert contributor to my book, Ylenia Sambati.

Yle and I met via fellow Italophiles and the internet almost 5 years ago when the idea of offering small group tours to Italy was percolating for me. Ylenia and Puglia came across my radar, we connected, and it has been nothing but fabulous ever since!

Photo Victoria De Maio

We can’t wait to welcome you to Puglia!

My connection and friendship with Ylenia, as well as her partner Michele, and all of the fabulous people I’ve met and worked with in Puglia, is one that I treasure. It is through them that I have come to love and appreciate all aspects of this unique region: the culture and customs, the art and history, the cuisine, the traditions…the people.

Ylenia’s love for Puglia and the Salento sub-region of Puglia is deep and contagious. For this and many reasons, I invited Ylenia to share about her roots and passion…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Salento – Love at First Sight in Puglia!

Every time they ask me to tell about it, I need to sit down calmly to feel even in writing everything that this land  represents for me, my story, the roots, my love declared on a daily basis, the visual and poetic sense it conveys to me.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

To visit Salento is to begin a deep bond that develops between the land and the Salento people, the visitor, the artist who is, more or less consciously, within each of us, its history and its past.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

It’s a land characterized by simplicity in everything: in food, in human relations, in the search for the essential, in the pleasure of tradition preserved as a symbol of peasant heritage of inestimable value. In living with ease and enjoying the little things that make a day incredibly beautiful, respecting nature and the call of the sea that represents for a familiar landscape and reassuring architecture.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

The deep connection in which man and nature blend comes from the fact that Salento is a strip of land bordered to the west by the Ionian Sea and on the east by the Adriatic Sea, hence the definition of land of two seas.

The sea creates a real hug in which east and west blend thus painting extraordinary scenarios, sandy dunes, an unspoiled paradise.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Here everything takes on a different shape compared to other places of Puglia. In this corner of paradise, indeed, reign peace and energy: a sense of calm and authenticity, ancestral wild places takes shape, almost from the vast expanses of the centuries-old olive trees, from the direction of the stone, by the Mediterranean with mulberry plants, myrtle, wild rosemary, prickly pear plants, the blue sky that blends with the color of the sea, and the charming contrast between old buildings in inland towns and villages and farmhouses.

Land of wine, olive oil, pizzica, minimalist architecture, colors of earth and sea, the pleasure of things more simple and pure.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Spending time in Salento is a unique experience: I call it lifestyle, a hug that involves all the senses, a special emotion similar to a lyrical song that empties into a real love for this land.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

And this is the Salento we love our guests to discover: the authentic one, made of things and real people in a series of places, culture, experiences, feelings, stories. If you are lucky enough to spend time in Puglia, indulge in the Salento, immerse yourself in the lifestyle, breathe its pure energy and full light. The answer is in the wind, in the beauty of its places, in the warmth of the people.

Photo Credit - Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

Photo Credit – Yle Sambati, YLTOUR PR

I look forward to seeing you in Puglia, to tell you in person more magnificent stories of this fascinating land.


Grazie Ylenia, my personal travel designer and Puglia Travel Consultant extraordinaire!

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18 Responses to Italy Travel Tip: An Intimate Look at Puglia, A Guest Post

  1. Paula says:

    She writes very poetically about her homeland! I am really looking forward to visiting with you in October.

  2. Her love for her homeland and particularly Salento comes through so succinctly in her words and photos. Having met Ylenia on your Puglia experience last spring I know first-hand of her deep passion for this beautiful strip of land between two seas in Puglia. Great post. I love the photo of the cat!

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  4. Cindi Brashear says:

    I really enjoyed this post…it brought me right back to to Puglia. Thanks!

  5. Ginny Dias says:

    The thought that we sat on that bench and probably gave that sweet kitty a pet still resonates with me. Ylenia and Michele were such fun and loving people……… If YOU can join Victoria and rub noses with ” the Salento” jump at the chance. My photos of the region still take my breath away!

    • Ciao, Ginny! Yes, we probably did pet that sweet kitty! I’m so so happy that you joined us in Puglia for your first Italy-experience. Even though I’ve been 4 times, my photos have the same affect – I never get tired of this beautiful place…
      Looking forward to our next trip together!

    • Grazie Ginny, Filippo the cat at the Masseria is the king of the garden!
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Ti abbraccio xox

  6. Frank Umanzio says:

    Victoria….your email on Puglia is beautiful..make me want to get on a plane today…Frank

  7. Cathleen Johnson says:

    My first trip to Italy and how fortunate to be with Victoria and a fabulous group to see the beauty and history of Puglia.
    Victoria contagious smile, sense of humor, and enthusiasm made us all feel very much alive in Italy!

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