Solo but NOT Alone!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Is it possible to travel solo in a small group and enjoy all of the benefits of independent travel? You bet!!!

Photo by Victoria De Maio

Let’s go…together!

Traveling in a small group can be the best of all travel experiences, especially for the solo traveler, and here are 10 reasons why!

Let's Go to Italy Together!(And, they just happen to be ♥ 10 Reasons Why You Will LOVE Traveling–to Italy–with Me!  ♥)

  1. You don’t have a partner or friend to travel with but you don’t want to travel alone.
    (Or your partner or friend doesn’t want to and can’t do what you want to do.)
  2. You enjoy traveling with other like-minded, fun people, i.e., people who share your interests and passions BUT the idea of traveling with a huge busload of “tourists” is a turn off!
  3. You’re a foodie, wine lover, and/or art and history buff and either: You have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy or you love Italy and want to see a different region.
  4. You want to do and see a lot but at a comfortable pace– you want to enjoy what you do and see! You don’t want to go on a “tour” where you are hustled on and off buses, in and out of sites and shuttled hither and yon.
  5. You want an authentic experience, not a touristy one. You want to eat, drink, see and immerse in the “real” Italy like and with locals.
  6. You want lots of personal contact and attention, i.e., you want to be pampered.
  7. You don’t want to unpack, pack, move and change accommodations every few days!
  8. You want an affordable, good value and NO $ surprises!
    You have a vacation budget and you want to know how much it’s going to cost before you go.Photo by Victoria De Maio
  9. You have always wanted to go to/back to Italy but don’t want to hassle with planning. You want to just show up and have a marvelous time.
  10. You want to celebrate a milestone event (birthday? anniversary?) with friends and/or family but you don’t want to plan or host it!

    Photo by Victoria De Maio

    Benvenuti! We can’t wait to welcome you to Puglia!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Sooo….What is YOUR Reason for NOT Saying “Si”??? 

These are not “tours”! They are unforgettable unique boutique experiences!

There’s still time to join us for YOUR trip of a lifetime!

Space Limited! Register for and $SAVE$!

♦ Puglia Highlights! ♦

Spring Dates: May 29 – June 7, 2018

Fall Dates: September 21 – 30, 2018

♦ The Italian Riviera! ♦

May 11 – 20

♦ Sicily! ♦

October 4 – 19, 2018

Let's Go to Italy Together!PostcardZ from VictoriaRead what previous guests have to say about their fabulous experiences!


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7 Responses to Solo but NOT Alone!

  1. Take it from me…and I do travel solo, but I decided to go to Puglia last spring with Victoria and it was fantastic! I highly recommend her small group experiences!

    • Grazie Margie!
      I sooooo appreciate your comments – especially because you are a committed “solo traveler”! It was wonderful to share Puglia with you and I’m so very gratified that you had a memorable and terrific experience.
      Thank you for your “thumbs up!” – means a lot to me!

  2. Penny Sadler says:

    all of your reasons are exactly the things I think about when planning a trip, except I do travel solo. however, I’m certain, after reading this, that I’d have a great time on one of your tours.

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