♦ Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #8 Safety & Well-Being ♦

Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #8 Safety & Well-Being

Don’t believe everything you “hear” but always practice personal safety and pay attention at all times – and that means before you leave home – so that it’s a habit.

This and many More TipZ to stay safe and not be sorry!

Photo: Victoria De Maio

  • You need a valid passport (6 months from the date you depart Italy). (p. 57)
  • Make copies of your passport and all ID’s, credit cards, emergency contacts, etc. (p. 58)
  • Do not carry your passport while sightseeing. (p. 58)
  • Travel insurance? Yes!
  • NEVER leave any belongings unattended. (p. 58)
  • Don’t burden yourself with bulky luggage, bags, etc. (p. 59)
  • Ladies – wear a cross-body purse.  (p. 59)
  • Gents – never put your wallet or valuables in back pockets.  (p. 59)
  • Blend in! (p. 60)
  • Watch yourself in crowds. (p. 60)

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