♦ Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #1 Eating ♦

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Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #1 Eating – Food Rules

This just happens to be the longest chapter in the book with over 100 tipz!
For example… everyone loves Italian food but, did you know that much of the food that you think is Italian, you won’t find in Italy? Three examples are: fettuccine Alfredo, GRAPHIC Victoria wine & gelato“Italian” salad dressing and veal or chicken parmigiana.

This and many More Food Rules TipZ such as…

  • A bar is not a “bar”! It’s where you get a caffè or quick snack. (p. 17)
  • Do as the Italians do – get used to standing… (P. 18)
  • Yes, the menus may be only in Italian! (p. 16)
  • Don’t dip your bread in olive oil. (p.14)
  • Never sprinkle cheese on seafood! (p. 14)
  • Be adventurous and try local, regional specialties. (p. 16)
  • Local markets – look but non toccare (don’t touch)! p. 23
  • Need a coffee break? Learn a few Italian Caffè Culture Basics before you order that cappuccino after lunch (uhoh, a no-no!) (p. 20)
  • If you order a latte, you will get milk! (p. 20)
  • If you order un caffè, you will get an espresso! (p. 20)
  • Meal times may be around your normal bed time! (p. 15)

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4 Responses to ♦ Italy Travel TipZ BlitZ: #1 Eating ♦

  1. I just love hearing stories of major or minor faux pas while eating in Italy! Quite frankly why go there if you insist on eating “just like back home”…stay back home! There are so many things that we’ve tried and so many that we now cook and enjoy at home! The cappuccino after 11 is the one people just don’t want to accept! Also…in my experience…no cheese will be offered for fish or seafood dishes. Although there is an odd one that does have cheese…rarely though! Yum, yum!

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly, Phyllis. A sense of adventure and appreciation for what is authentic is a
      definite advantage.
      There are reasons, as you know for avoiding cappuccinos and, no, I have never seen cheese offered or served with
      fish/seafood BUT I have seen diners ask for it! The look on the face of the server/chef was priceless!
      As always, love having you stop by and share!

  2. Awesome tips, Victoria!!! Simple but important

    • Grazie, Margie! Yes, sometimes it’s often the “simple” things that can make or break someone’s experience. Hopefully,
      my book will help travelers to Italy avoid many those avoidable “spoilers”!
      Thank you again for “stopping by” and commenting!

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