⇑⇓Italy Travel Tip: Watch Your Step(s)⇑⇓

Let's Go to Italy Together!⇑⇓ Stairway to a Misstep…

It doesn’t seem to matter how much advice and warning I give to those planning their trip to Italy, very few are really prepared for the stairs! And they are everywhere. Photo: Victoria De Maio

Let's Go to Italy Together!Wide steps, narrow steps, winding steps, steep steps, worn steps, slippery steps, colorful steps, cobblestone steps… in hotels, B&B’s, bell towers, churches, museums, palaces, restaurants, trains, buses… lots and lots of steps and stairs everywhere!

And if there aren’t stairs, there are often steep hills, uneven surfaces or both!

Yes, the photos of the hill towns are charming but getting around on foot? Not so much! “Assuming” that hotels, B&B’s and so forth have elevators can lead to further frustration and inconvenience. Oh, and even if they have them, they don’t always work…

Think train travel sounds charming? The first time you have to heft your 50 pound bags up and down the  steep stairways to get to your train or onto the narrow steps of your train coach while other passengers are impatiently shoving or squeezing on…well, not so charming!

And while you’re admiring the glorious architecture or scenery, it’s even easier to take a misstep…and nothing can ruin a vacation faster than a sprained ankle or worse!

So pay attention and watch your step(s) at all times!

Let's Go to Italy Together!⇑⇓Watch Your Step TipZ:

  • Wear the right shoes! This is THE most important tip!
  • Bring two pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Wear shoes that you can walk and stand in on hard surfaces for long periods of time.
  • Only bring and wear shoes that you can safely walk on uneven surfaces (e.g., cobblestone, uneven pavement).
  • Find out ahead of time – does your accommodation have an elevator/lift?
  • Don’t overload yourself with a lot of stuff – travel light. If you can’t lift it, you need to rethink it & repack it.
  • When sightseeing, exploring, go minimal.
  • Wear the right glasses – those graduated lenses can wreak havoc on your depth perception.
  • Hold onto the guard rail (if there is one) or walk along the side.
  • Go slow and take your time.
  • Get in shape. Learn to walk up and down stairs with least amount of impact on those knees.
  • Pack band aids.Let's Go to Italy Together!

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4 Responses to ⇑⇓Italy Travel Tip: Watch Your Step(s)⇑⇓

  1. John LeVan says:

    Great post and advice – the interesting photos tell all.

  2. urbanlotus says:

    Definitely good advice! I tripped up a step into a restroom (marble and stone) and broke my shoulder in 2014. The only good thing were the Italian doctors were very handsome! LOL! But I’d rather meet one without the drama. <3

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