♥ Countdown to Buon Giorno, Italy! (Again!) ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!Who said 13 isn’t a lucky number? In September, after my time in Bordeaux, France,  I will be on my way to my beloved Italy for the 13th time and, for the 7th time, to the region of Puglia.…

Photos: Victoria De Maio

Returning to Puglia…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Returning to Puglia will not be as a solo. Once again, I will have the pleasure of co-leading a delightful group during their first visit to Italy’s heel. Along with my local partners/experts, Ylenia and Michele (YLTOUR PR) and their terrific team, we will enjoy and immerse in the local lifestyle together

I’ve been asked if I get tired of going back to the same places and my answer is always “never!”. Not only does each visit bring new insights and experiences but it renews and strengthens my passion and commitment to sharing authentic Italy…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Let's go to Puglia together!

Let’s go to Puglia together!

Ah, but you’re not joining us? Well, I hope you’ll join us “virtually”?

And of course, you’re invited to come along in 2018! Spring or fall?

 2018 Dates and Highlights are Published

and there’s a

♥  Special Early Bird “Sweetheart Deal” for Spring! ♥

Reserve YOUR Space by February 14th and $AVE $200 per person!

La dolce vita awaits!

And, remember, it’s authentic, unique & boutique and it’s all-inclusive (not airfare, of course) – travel in a small group (never more than 12) with local experts… Perfect for solos, couples, friends…

Let’s go…together!

Let's Go to Italy Together!♦ Why Puglia?

Only in Puglia…

My PostcardZ from Puglia

Let's Go to Italy Together!Questions? Contact Victoria!



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2 Responses to ♥ Countdown to Buon Giorno, Italy! (Again!) ♥

  1. Puglia has certainly become a “destination” trip for Americans and Italians alike. I’m sure it will be fabulous, even for the 13th time. So nice you have made so many friends there.

    • Si, Puglia has become more popular here although it has long been popular with Italians. The Brits have been heading south for quite a while as well…
      Actually although this is my 13th trip to Italy it is my 7th to Puglia- in both cases I feel very grateful. Every trip is truly fabulous.
      When will you be returning, Kathryn?

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