◊ Coming Attractions from Victoria ◊

Let's Go to Italy Together!A quick sneak peek at what you’ll be seeing on PostcardZ from Victoria over the next weeks and beyond…

√ BaVictoria -Vespa copy for site iconck to Italia – I’m heading back to Italy next week to join my expert travel partners and co-lead tours in the Italian Riviera and Puglia. Joining me will be a private group of five fun couples and then another fun group of lovely ladies…

I’ll be sharing here and on social media (links below and on the upper right of the sidebar).

Don’t you wish you were joining us? Me, too!

√ My “roots in the boot”: I’ll be sharing more about my very special and emotional experience of returning to the birthplaces of the Italian grandparents last fall…

√ Did you know that Italian Americans were the object of racial prejudice and even interred during World War II? I didn’t either but now I’m reading and learning more and will be sharing about this “secret” story…V apron - small no Lulu

In June I will be announcing my 2018 Italy tour dates for the Italian Riviera, Puglia, and Sicily! Fabulous itineraries – unique, authentic & affordable!

√ OOOOOlala! France is on my radar in September – chateaux and vineyards with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. Doesn’t that sound divine? Stay tuned…

What’s on YOUR “bucket list”? Portugal and Spain (and of course, more Italy) are on mine… Please share yours!

√ More Travel TipZ! I’ve started drafting my second travel tips book! I’m so excited and I know you’ll love it! You have read Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style, haven’t you??

copyright 2016√ Just for YOU! Remember…we can customize YOUR dream trip to Italy AND I can help you with cruises, travel insurance, all-inclusive vacations, and more...

√ Si, there is space on the fall tours to the Italian Riviera and Puglia! Registration cut-offs soon! What ARE you waiting for???

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√ Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your support and feedback? Well, I do! Please feel free to…

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Wish you were here! I love sharing my passion for travel and insights I've learned along the way. Enjoy my travel tips and inspiration with a lighthearted twist! Join me as we create a forum for sharing experiences and information! Enjoy my newly published book, "Victoria's Travel TipZ Italian Style!" and then let's go to Italy together!
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4 Responses to ◊ Coming Attractions from Victoria ◊

  1. Paula says:

    It all sounds so exciting! So much hard work and organisation but sooooo worth it!
    Looking forward to reading about all your adventures this year and eagerly awaiting news of Sicily 20018!

    • Paula…it is pretty exciting and, yes, hard work and organization…and a big YES – all worth it! 😀
      Love staying in touch and can’t wait to share about Sicily – it’s going to be amazing! xo

  2. Janey says:

    Praying so hard that 2018 will be my yr to travel. Past 2 yrs have been crazy around here and NO FUN–blech. Can’t wait to read every detail of your trips!! Sending u my friends email who I hope will be my travel buddy!!!

    • Janey! Ciaoooo! I’ve missed you and I’m so happy you’re back… Si, let’s make next year THE year! And if your travel buddy can’t come, no worries, after the first glass of wine everyone is best friends!

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