🍷MORE Italian Wine Trail Tales…with Tom!🍷

🍷 Tom’s blog is replete with tempting tales along the Italian Wine Trail! I have asked him to share about the Salento sub-region of Puglia, his new home in Italy, and a favorite region of mine…won’t you join us?Let's Go to Italy Together!

Savoring the Salento

In a previous life, back when I punched the clock and earned a bi-monthly paycheck, I used to travel frequently on business, departing my home up in the Veneto for the sun-drenched Salento, the Greek-influenced area within Italy’s lengthy Puglia region down in the southeastern corner of La Penisola. And, with each passing visit it became just a bit more difficult for me to close the briefcase and return home…

Puglia's Salento (Photo: Tom Weber)

Puglia’s Salento (Photo: Tom Weber)

Back then, the pull of the Salento, that carefree spur jutting out from the Bel Paese‘s stiletto-shaped heel, was strong, very strong. So much so, that now, almost 40 years after I first laid eyes upon her, I’ve thrown caution to the wind, packed my bags and palate and moved permanently to the Salento to savor her slow pace and slow food, 24/7.

Scrumptuous cucina povera (Photo: Tom Weber

Scrumptious cucina povera (Photo: Tom Weber

The Salento, where the Adriatic and Ionian Seas embrace, is best savored with a knife, fork and wine goblet as its grassroots la cucina povera (poor kitchen) — the quintessential Mediterranean diet — comes straight out of the “zero kilometer” soil and nearby seas and right onto your plate and into your glass.

Perfect pairings in Puglia (Photo: Tom Weber

Perfect pairings in Puglia (Photo: Tom Weber)

In the short time that I’ve been living here, I’ve been pleasantly and consistently surprised by the mouth-watering dishes and excellent wines — bianco, rosso and rosato (my fave) — plated and poured before me.

Salento Rosato (Photo: Tom Weber)

Salento Rosato (Photo: Tom Weber)

From the Valle d’Itria to the ancient port of Gallipoli, from Santa Maria Leuca to Lecce, and, from Otranto to Ostuni, not a single bite nor sip has disappointed. And, I’m just getting started in my discovery of this ascendant region within a region.

Gifts of the sea (Photo: Tom Weber)

Gifts of the sea (Photo: Tom Weber)

Respected for its wines and DOP extra virgin olive oil, heralded for its Greek and Baroque architecture, and envied for its long, hot summers and mild winters, the Salento, where the Second Punic War was waged, is the less hectic, unpolished alternative to its more crowded and trendier postal codes up north.

Rosato (rose) (Photo: Tom Weber)

Puglia’s Noteworthy Rosato (Photo: Tom Weber)

Just one look at a slow-fading, pastel-colored sunset, while enjoying a cool glass of rosato, and you, too, will want to pack your bags, leave your cares and worries behind and bolt for the Salento.


Sunset in the Salento (Photo: Tom Weber)

Sunset in the Salento (Photo: Tom Weber)

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  1. Sandra Brooks says:

    Loved hearing about this wonderful area of Italy through Tom’s voice. All of your posts are informative/interesting and whet the palate and other senses causing a yearning to visit all of the places you so dearly love.

    • Grazie, Sandra! It’s so gratifying to hear your enthusiastic feedback and I can only hope that one day SOON we’ll be sampling and experiencing some of these tantalizing places together!

  2. Jill Barth says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos. Such a rich part of our world…Tom’s eye really captures the colors!

    • Indeed, Jill! Tom is quite a photographer and his mouthwatering descriptions are fabulous! I, too, am a HUGE fan of the Salento sub-region of Puglia…maybe you’ll join me there one day?
      So appreciate you stopping by and all of your comments/sharing!

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