🍷MORE Italian Wine Trail Tales…Piedmont with Penny🍷

🍷 Piedmont is a region that is VERY high on my bucket list. Today Penny guides us through the renowned Langhe, Roero and Moferrato wine areas…

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🍷Getting Lost in the Hills of Piedmont…

Snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills are lined with row after row of vineyards.  Castles stand sentinel on the hilltops, it feels a bit like being in a landscape from a medieval adventure novel.

🍷This is Italy’s largest wine region, located at the foot of the Alps in the region aptly named, Piedmont…

The Hillsides of Langhe (Photo: Penny Sadler)

The Hillsides of Langhe (Photo: Penny Sadler)

🍷In 2014, the Langhe, Roero and Moferrato wine areas were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for their centuries of fine wine production, unparalleled beauty and sustainable practices.

Italian Wine Trails - Piedmont

A Hilltop in Barolo (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Quite a large variety of grapes are grown here but the most well known are: Barbera produces a very easy to drink red wine with a nice balance of tannins and acidity; Nebbiolo from which a variety of wines are made — especially Barbaresco and Barolo, known respectively as the queen and king of red wines.

Nebbiolo Grapes for Barbaresco (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Nebbiolo Grapes for Barbaresco (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Moscato, which produces a sweet, sparkling, white wine that is popular as a dessert or brunch wine. And Arneis, a very floral white wine grape that produces an extremely pleasant wine that is also made in the methode champenoise by some producers.

Moscato for Breakfast (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Moscato for Breakfast (Photo: Penny Sadler)

A visit to the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area is an unforgettable wine and foodie adventure. Not to mention a rich cultural experience.

Visit a Pretty Hilltown in Piedmont (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Visit a Pretty Hilltown in Piedmont (Photo: Penny Sadler)

Book a room in one of the small hill towns, rent a car, and get lost in the hills of Piedmont’s wine country.

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🍷About Penny…

Penny Sadler is a professional makeup artist by day who began a quest to find beauty and adventure through travel and wine in 2010. She’s picked grapes in Italy, explored a 2000 years old wine cave in France, and is on a mission to visit every major wine region in California. Penny is a WSET certified wino who’s always ready to share a glass and a good conversation.

You can follow her travels on Instagram or her blog Adventures of a Carry-on

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Let's Go to Italy Together! Piedrp_V-sightseeing-e1372176613601.jpgmont’s Neighbor is Fabulous Liguria – renowned for its capital, Genoa, as well as the iconic Italian Riviera including Cinque Terre, Portofino, and more!

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