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🍷 Find out how my friend, fellow blogger and lover of all things Italian, Marilyn, not only learned about and became an enthusiastic fan and supporter of The Winefathers but, visited her Wine Family in Basilicata… 🍷

Let's Go to Italy Together!🍷Join the Wine Family!🍷

I love all things Italian, including the people, the food and wine. I have been lucky enough to share authentic meals with my family in Italy. It is like nothing you have ever experienced in the United States. And I found a way for you to share such an experience.

Photo Marilyn Ricci

I’m a Wine Cousin! (Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci)

Become a Wine Cousin as I have done…

There is a group of young entrepreneurs/philanthropists called The Winefathers (www.thewinefathers.com) and through them you too can join a wine family.
Let me explain.

Let's Go to Italy Together!

The Winefathers offer you the opportunity to help support small, artisanal wineries create quality Italian wine.  If you donate to support a particular winery you become part of their Wine Family, and, as such, they treat you like family, like Italian Family!

Photo Marilyn Ricci

The Winefathers

Actually, I was the first American to join a Wine Family through The Winefathers. I chose Farmers of the Lost Fruits, (www.carbonevini.it), established and nurtured by sister and brother Sara and Luca Carbone. These have a philosophy of sustainability and excellence that I truly appreciate.

Photo Marilyn Ricci

Sara & Luca Carbone (Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci)

In the 70’s Uncle Enzo and Father Vittorio developed their own vines.  Sara and Luca grew up playing in the vineyards.  But they were not just vineyards.  There were strawberries, apples, olive trees, pine trees and many ancient fruits growing alongside the vines. The family understood that the soil for la vigna (vineyard) needed more diversity to enrich it.

Photo Marilyn Ricci

Carbone Vineyards  (Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci)

Enzo and Vittorio became too busy to produce wine but always kept the vines and plants. Luca and Sara become farmers of the fruits and vines in 2005.  They managed the old vineyards and purchased another on Contrada Braide.  All three are in spectacular locations on the mountainside above the city of Melfi in Basilicata.  The third vineyard was completely bare of trees and fruits when Luca and Sara began cultivating it.

Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci

Carbone Vineyards (Photo: Marilyn Ricci)

Sara explained, “In general, the monoculture did not help the soil to stay alive and rich with little animals.  The more diversity you have, the richer the soil is.” Luca and Sara search for ancient fruits growing wild on the mountainside. When they find them they take shoots from them and, when they are ready, they replant them in their vineyard. They also buy ancient fruit trees.  As their Wine Cousin, I planted a Mela Limoncello tree there, too!

Photo: Marilyn Ricci

Planting my tree (Photo: Marilyn Ricci)

First, we met at Carbone Vini at Via Nitti 48 in the heart of Melfi.  We explored the underground caves there where they store wine to age and have wine tastings.  We began our wine tasting with the lovely white while we got to know each other.

Photo Marilyn Ricci

Carbone Cellars (Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci)

Next, we drove to two of the vineyards. Here we witnessed true biodiversity and enjoyed conversation with Luca’s father-in-law, the caretaker of the land.

Sara drove us to meet her family, the Carbone family, where we would share a Sunday meal. Her Mother Eleonora and Father Vittorio greeted us with great warmth.  It felt like home to me. The rest of the family was there, even their dog.

Photo Marilyn Ricci

The Carbones (Photo credit: Marilyn Ricci)

Eleonora is an incredible cook.  The primo piatto (first course) was maccaronara with a ragù made with beef, pork and lamb.  She actually made the pasta by hand with a tool called matterello rigato in Italian. It was exquisite.

We followed the secondo piatto, second course, with the meat from the sauce and veggies including yellow tomatoes and sweet peppers in oil. We shared fresh mozzarella too and, finally, dolce (sweets). Throughout,  we drank Carbone Vini, perfectly paired, with each course.

How many travelers have the opportunity to enjoy a private tour of a winery and experience dinner with and Italian family? You can have it all and more…

🍷Join the Wine Family! 🍷

Let's Go to Italy Together!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

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