🍷MORE Italian Wine Trails with…The Winefathers!🍷

🍷I found out about The Winefathers from a fellow blogger and friend. When I learned more about it, I knew I wanted to be involved and became a “wine friend”. I’m so pleased to share about this unique effort in the world of wine…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

🍷 The Winefathers – The Revolution in the World of Wine🍷

One year has passed since the birth of The Winefathers, the first and only portal that enables wine lovers from around the world to become relatives of the best Italian artisan winemakers.

Photo: The Winefathers

The Winefathers Team (Photo: The Winefathers)

Learn more about this unique concept in the world of wine…

🍷It’s been a busy year which has brought many awards and the first interesting numbers to the young company from Friuli, born thanks to the creativity of three old friends, Luca Comello, Luca Latronico and Alessandro Antonuttiawarded at Expo as one of the best 25 Italian startups in the field of food.

Photo: The Winefathers

The Winefathers Team (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷The Winefathers is the only portal that offers the possibility to help the winemakers planting new rows of vines, reconstructing vines destroyed by a slump, protecting the territory biodiversity around the vines, fixing ancient low walls, creating a new wine, preserving an ancient grape variety...in a few words, to participate in the handiwork of these heroic winemakers through an offer that gives you the possibility to become their cousin or uncle, brother or father.

Photo: The Winefathers

Malatesta & their wine cousin from the USA (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷In exchange, the new “family” of the supporter will send them, for example, some personalized bottles of wine, or will invite them to spend their holidays in the establishment, exactly the same way you do with a relative, living an authentic experience.

Photo: The Winefathers

Carbone winery with winesister from the USA (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷More than sixty enthusiasts have decided to become relatives of fourteen of the best artisan winemakers from different Italian regions. Outside Italy, the accessions have come from England, Sweden and, in considerable numbers, from the United States.

🍷People that share a great love for wine and a big will to participate in a new adventure, involving and positive, becoming part of a family that widens a little bit every day and stirs up emotions and satisfaction in everybody that takes part in it.

Photo: The Winefathers

Winebrothers of Bele Casel (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷Considerable success especially among foreign consumers was collected by the Welcome Boxes for sale on the website, which allow wine lovers around the world to taste a selection of the various products of the winemaker chosen.

Photo: The Winefathers

The La Criccca Project (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷The Winefathers also organized guided tours and tastings at their winemakers’ vineyards, events that ended up in genuine parties and – in line with the startup mission – have created authentic relationships between enthusiasts and winemakers.

Photo: The Winefathers

Event at Cecchini Winery (Photo: The Winefathers)

🍷The story of The Winefathers has not gone unnoticed. In addition to the aforementioned award at Expo, The Winefathers was awarded at Startup FVG competition, and their story has been told by newspapers and radio stations in Italy and abroad (memorable has been the article written by ‘O Globo, a major Brazilian newspaper).

Photos: Victoria De Maio

I got to meet my wine friend, Samuele of Il Calamaio, in Lucca! (Photos: Victoria De Maio)

Let's Go to Italy Together!Moving into 2017, the young startup intends to strengthen its growth, especially abroad, also considering the entry of investors interested in the project to further accelerate growth.

The Winefathers collected the most precious moments of this memorable first year in a precious book in a limited edition, which retraces the steps of a journey just started through suggestive pictures, the stories of the winemakers and the dedications of relatives.Let's Go to Italy Together!I’m so pleased to be a “wine friend” and I encourage you to become a family member as well…

Visit their website: The Winefathers.com

Let's Go to Italy Together!

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Let's Go to Italy Together!

I would love for you to share as well…tell us about one of your favorite wine trails or tales from Italy. 



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