♦Turning the Page on 2016…Hello 2017!♦

Let's Go to Italy Together!Looking back on 2016, WOW! What a mixed bag – on all levels! A roller coaster ride of  blockbuster proportions on some fronts – personal and global… Changes, upsets, upheavals, progress, set backs, surprises…letting go and embracing and … reunions, connections old and new, new horizons and dreams… Life!!

Doubtless 2016 was a helluva year and one that many are more than relieved to put behind them. In many ways, I can certainly concur but when I reminisce and review my thousands of photos, they evoke thousands of moments and memories…and what bubbles up? Well, the theme is YOU!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

~ ♥ The story of my 2016 includes so many wonderful, amazing, loving, supportive people…

♥ Friends near and far, too many that I didn’t get to spend face to face time with (and that is going to change)…

♥ A wonderful yoga community that blesses me with the gift of teaching and being a lifetime student…

♥ Loyal followers and subscribers to my blog and e-newZletter…

♥ Fabulous, fun tour guests, amazing travel partners, those of you I “know” and stay in touch with virtually and sometimes meet…

~♥ A community, a beautiful world of YOU! Filling me with love, friendship, support, kindness, strength, encouragement, and inspiration. Connecting, re-connecting, staying connected…across town, the state, the country, the world…Wow! ♥ ~

Even with thousands of photos, there are so many of you that I neglected to take that selfie and that is going to change because, indeed, you are my world!

~♥ And, to each and every one of YOU, I say with heartfelt gratitude, thank you and happy NEW year! May it be filled with joy, abundance, good health, adventure, love and loved ones…

Photo Victoria De Maio

Toasting YOU! Thank YOU & Happy NEW Year!

Let's Go to Italy Together!But first, a look back at some of the many moments and memories we shared!

♥ Friends & fellow bloggers…far & near…

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ And, then, of course, there’s Italy, my beloved Italia…the gift of spending 2 months in 4 glorious regions – My Italian Journey took me to Liguria, Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily…with amazing tour partners and guests, to my roots, to new and renewed connections… Meraviglioso!

~ ♥~

♥ Liguria! Genoa, the Italian Riviera with my marvelous tour partners, Emanuela and Anna, and  our wonderful guide, Francesca…

I’m beyond thrilled to be returning in spring with a private group and next fall with YOU?

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Tuscany! How I love you…and it’s no wonder, I have deep roots and followed the path back…Florence, Lucca, villages of my maternal grandparents, and more!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Puglia! Heading south to be with my extraordinary tour partners (which is more like family!): Yle and Michele, and our team, Fabio, Lucretzia, Anna, Mamme... and welcome new guests! Every visit (and this is #5) is pure la dolce vita Salento style…

I’m already looking forward to 2017 visits and YOU can join me! Si, there’s still space!

Click HERE for 2017 Tour Highlights

  Click HERE for Spring 2017 Dates and Registration Details

Click HERE for Fall 2017 Dates and Registration Details

Let's Go to Italy Together!Sicily! You called me back to go deeper…to revisit your uniqueness, your ancient roots and my own familiar roots and to follow the path back to the villages of my paternal grandparents and so much more…

And to make it even more perfect? It was the ultimate road trip with my wonderful Sicilian kindred spirit, Margie.

Would you love to explore Sicily with me? Stay tuned for something new for 2018!!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

~ Well, what can I say except, HELLO 2017!!! A new chapter, turning the page… And what’s ahead? More…much MUCH more with YOU! ~


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4 Responses to ♦Turning the Page on 2016…Hello 2017!♦

  1. Sandra Brooks says:

    What a year! You captured 2016 perfectly with your descriptives. It certainly was filled with travel adventures for you and I enjoyed reading about each trip with its exciting experiences for all of the senses. Can’t wait for more in 2017!

    • Sandra,
      It was quite a year, to be sure! Unpredictable in so many ways…
      2017 promises to be pretty amazing…even more so if you can join me in Italy??
      Gotta have some resolutions, right? 😀

  2. Paula says:

    What a wonderful rollercoaster ride you are on – so many incredible experiences!
    We were lucky to have joined you in Puglia in 2016 and it was absolutey fantastic! Plus I still dream of Umbria from the year before. I urge anyone who is thinking of going to Italy with Victoria, just make it happen – you won’t regret it!

    • Paula,
      Grazie x 1,000! It was a roller coaster but such a fun ride with so many fabulous people – including YOU, of course. Umbria in 2015 was terrific and sharing Puglia with you and Rose with the best! And, your generous testimonials are beyond appreciated!
      Maybe Liguria or Sicily in the future? We’ll have to work on that!
      Send big hugs “down under”!

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