♥ My Italian Journey: Sicily Road Trip #4 – Epilogue ♥

La Dolce Vita for Me Sicily Road Trip – Part 4 – Epilogue  

“Those men, those of former times, had soul and eyes that in no way resemble ours, and in their veins, along with their blood, flowed something that disappeared: love and admiration for the Beautiful.” – Guy de Maupassant

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First let’s take a look strictly by the numbers:

› 10 days ‹
› 5 accommodations ‹
› 20 cities/towns visited ‹
› over 2000 km driven ‹
› over 850 photos and videos ‹
countless cappuccinos, fabulous meals, glasses of wine and at least 7 sublime cannoli ‹

Numbers rarely tell the story though – the story lies in the experiences and countless memories…the story lies in the people, in my roots and in the undeniable connection from the heart.

Trying to express and capture it in words is so difficult, maybe impossible…hopefully the images will help.

~ ♦ ~

The opportunity to return to Sicily after 9 years was fabulous but to return having obtained my dual citizenship through my paternal grandfather born here and visit the town of his birth as well as my grandmother’s…

To be able to drive through this amazingly breathtaking region with my good friend, fellow blogger who shares my Sicilian heritage, Margie Miklas made this adventure so special…

To visit cities on Sicily’s three sea coasts as well as its stunning countryside and daunting hilltop towns…

To revisit the magnificient Greek and Roman ruins in all their glory…

To stroll the streets and to immerse in its unique and rich culture…

To meet locals—from the indifferent and impatient (especially on the road!) to the warm and welcoming…

Looking out to the endless sea that surrounds and exposes her, and looking in to her rich lands and resilient people, there’s an undeniable echo of the inescapable and often tumultuous past. It’s in the lifeblood of the land and the people…

Like each of us, there’s no escaping the past. Hewn and honed by time, nature, and history, Sicily has been conquered, dominated, exploited, maligned, and stereotyped but, despite all this, she remains proud, unique, uncompromising, indomitable, unapologetic and unforgettable.

Sicily is in your face what you see is what you get – no fancy artifice, no sugar coating…fiercely independent and spirited, she has and will endure for Sicily is timeless. And so it is with its people – Sicilian first then (maybe) Italian, they too are fiercely independent. In their eyes, manner and attitude you will find all that Sicily has been and remains…

~ ♦ ~

My Sicilian nonni

My Sicilian nonni; Carmelo & Giuseppina DiMaio

My first visit to Sicily was after I had lost my father and my heart ached to tell him about that trip and about how much I came to understand about him, about me. And that deep heartfelt understanding became richer on this trip when I stepped back a generation to grandparents I never knew; grandparents who, along with millions of others, left their remote villages at the turn of the 19th century to venture to the New World with very little besides hope, a willingness to work, and a character and strength borne of generations.

I was and remain deeply touched and grateful…so very grateful for their courage and strength…

~ ♦ ~

♥ And, of course, grazie to all of the warm and wonderful people we met along the way…

At the end I wasn’t sure if I would or could return…but now, only a week back, I know that I will return…the connection is too strong…the roots run too deep.

~ ♦ ~

I’ll be sharing more about my time in Sicily in the coming months…for now you might enjoy the blog posts I shared while “on the road”.

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The southern coast including Castelvetrano and Selinunte then on to Temple of the Gods, Nicosia and Piazza Amerina

Sicily Road Trip #3

Siracusa, Val di Noto – including Scicli, Ragusa and Modica, of course, Taormina.

A very special note of thanks to Auto-Europe for making all of this possible by sponsoring me and Margie, #2SicilianGals, on our Sicily road trip.


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  1. Sarah Carr says:

    All of this sounds so appealing. So great that you to return the village of your grandparents.
    Your description of your visit, your appreciation of your heritage, and heartfelt compassion for their bravery and leap of faith in leaving their village to come here was very touching. Did your grandparents ever get to go back for a visit? I am guessing not. Such courage.

    • Grazie for taking the time to read and comment. Sarah…it was quite an experience (I’ll be writing more about it soon)…not simple by any means but certainly emotional.To my knowledge they did not return, neither my paternal nor maternal grandparents. And this was the case with many who left… you’re so right, such courage. And I am beyond grateful…

  2. What an amazing trip you had. Once again, I cannot imagine the emotions you are feeling with having been able to touch your roots like you have. So happy for you Victoria!!

    • Rae, so very thoughtful of you… Yes, it was amazing, emotional and more… I’m beyond grateful for their journey which is my journey…I’ll be sharing more soon although finding words is difficult…
      Very much appreciate your comments and support!

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