♥ My Italian Journey: Sicily Road Trip #2 ♥

La Dolce Vita for Me Sicily Road Trip – Part 2

“But beneath it all will run that Sicilian understanding that the underside of joy is grief, that the face of sacrifice and suffering is the dark mirror image of pleasure and enjoyment, that every moment of arrival is to be treasured and enjoyed in the full knowledge that it has brought us a moment closer to the moment of departure.” -Francine Prose

Spacer-LaDolceVita Heading south…on to roots and ruins in Castelvetrano and Selinunte, then heading east to Piazza Amerina, Nicosia and landing in Siracusa…..#2SicilianGals continue their search for more dolce vita Sicilian style (yes, cannoli, more cannoli, roots, Montalbano and more!) 

🇮🇹❤️ You may or may not remember that one of the objectives of this Italian Journey was to visit the birthplace of all of my grandparents. 

In Tuscany I visited the towns where my maternal nonni were born and filled in some of the pieces of the puzzle of their story which is, of course, my story. 

❤️🇮🇹 Here in Sicily, my goal was the same… I can’t say I met with the same degree of success but I will write more about the visits to the birthplaces of my paternal nonni, Castelvetrano and Nicosia, at a later time.

 So, let’s catch up in the southern seaport town of Sciacca…Sicily

…then a visit to Port Empedocle which, not only is the hometown of Luigi Pirandello and Andrea Camilleri but, is the fictional town of Vigata in Camilleri ‘s hit Inspector Montalbano books and TV series…of course, the Inspector was willing to pose…Sicily🇮🇹 

Near Agrigento, is still another astounding Greek  archeological site, the 2500 year old Valley of the Temples…SicilySicilySicily

🚗🇮🇹 Now, keep in mind we are driving! It’s not all autostrada, by the way! Between the annoying GPS, a roadmap, countless one way and narrow  streets, honking drivers and more than a few swear words, we managed to find our way…eventually… and covered over 2000 km! Sicily

🇮🇹👯 We head to Nicosia where my maternal grandmother was born-I will write more about this later-but I have to share a few photos of this untouched but oh so touching and remote hilltop town deep in the heart of Sicily and …Sicily.,.photos of the lovely family who offer the best cannoli in town (and in my humble opinion, the best from miles around!) 😊👍🇮🇹Sicily

💃🏻 And a “must see” in Piazza Amerina, is  the extraordinary 4th century Villa Romana del Casale  and its extraordinary mosaics…Sicily

🚗👯 And, would you believe that these #2SicilianGals are barely halfway through our adventure? Next stop? Siracusa! 

We stay on the isle of Ortigia exploring Roman ruins, fascinating markets, majestic cathedrals, a traditional puppet show, photogenic kitties,  and oh so much more…( and, yes, of course a little shopping! 😉)SicilySicilySicily

💃🏻🚗 COMING NEXT?!  HOT 🔎 on the trail of my favorite Sicilian Detective as we explore the stunning UNESCO and Baroque gems of the Val di Noto, a few more Greek & Roman jaw dropping sites in Siracusa and on to our last stop and stay, Taormina…


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