♥ My Italian Journey: Sicily Road Trip #1♥

La Dolce Vita for Me Sicily Road Trip – Part 1

“Sicily has suffered 13 foreign dominations from which she has taken both the best and the worst. The sequence of different cultures has made Sicily a fascinating place, quite unlike any other.” – Andrea Camilleri

Spacer-LaDolceVitaIt all begins in Palermo and first stop on our road trip is Trapani. Erice, Mozia, private wine tasting in Marsala and touching the eternal in Selnunte are on the list for these #2SicilianGals!

We’re going to show you that there’s so much more to Sicily than The Godfather, cannoli, cassata and handsome detectives…

Please follow along for 10 fabulous days – lots of photos and lots of FUN!


👯 Let’s begin in Palermo where we pick up our car and head down the coast to Trapani, the ancient port on Sicily’s west coast…Sicily

👯 In the afternoon, it’s like a ghost town but comes alive for the Sunday passeggiata…a little Nero D’Avola and cannoli are in order…Sicily

👯 Our first full day and we’re off to Erice-up, up, and away – almost 5 miles of switchbacks! SicilySicily

🚗 We drive up into the clouds and enjoy the picturesque hill town including a stop at the famous pasticceria of Maria Grammatica for another divine cannolo and genoveso pastry… Sicily

Sicily🚣🏻 Then, down we go to Mozia, where we can visit the salt pans where sea salt has been harvested for thousands of years by the Phoenicians and the Greeks…Sicily

… taking the boat ride across to the island and its museum where one of the most stunningly spectacular statues I’ve ever seen is located…Sicily

Feast your eyes on the Greek charioteer youth…Sicily

🍷Today it’s time to learn more about local wines and do a little tasting and what better place than at the family owned Donnafugata in Marsala…

🍷 Claudia takes us on a fabulous private tour of their impressive facility and shares about the family, the varietals they produce and their uncompromising commitment to the finest quality of local wines…Sicily

An informative and enjoyable tasting is the perfect way to toast to our visit! Salute and Grazie Donnafugata for your hospitality ! 🍷Sicily

(I’ll be writing  a lot more about this wonderful visit so stay tuned for future posts!)

🚗 Our last stop today is en route to Castelvetrano.

 Selinunte- the breathtaking Greek ruins, are located in southwestern Sicily. Sicily

It’s hard to find the words to describe the phenomenal scope and majesty of these 2500 year old temples so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves… SicilySicily

👯 So far the road trip of these #2SicilianGals has been fabulous and there’s much more coming…🇮🇹❤️🚗





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  1. Cheryl Levine says:

    Photos are wonderful! Enjoy!

  2. Linda James says:

    Breathtaking 💜💜 I sooo wish I was there😘 Ciao Linda

  3. Paula says:

    Wow it’s all go go go with you gals in Sicily. It all looks so interesting a so different in appearance than all your other destinations. Italy is so diverse in each region! Stay safe and healthy. 🍷😀

  4. Sandra Brooks says:

    Loved the road trip through Sicily! Scenery: spectacular, wine: fabulous, architecture: amazing, people: wonderful, and I gained 10 pounds!!! LOL! Enjoy!

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