♥ My Italian Journey: We ♥ Puglia! ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!We ♥ Puglia!

“Nothing significant exists under Italy’s sun that is not touched by art. Its food is twice blessed because it is the product of two arts, the art of cooking and the art of eating.” -Marcella Hazan

Another absolutely perfetto time together in Puglia!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

💃🏻 Our fabulous magical time together in Puglia has come to an end…

💃🏻 Every visit is a rewarding and rich immersion into the Salento culture and lifestyle. And it is only possible because of the fabulous team of Puglia experts that I work with at YLTOUR PR: Ylenia and Michele…(and, of course, the very patient Mamme of Cooking in Puglia!)…Puglia

🚐 Fabio, our excellent steadfast driver; and Lucrezia and Anna, our amazing professional guides…Puglia

🇮🇹 And, of course, wonderful guests who arrive with open hearts and minds as well as a love of travel and all things Italian…and leave absolutely “head over heelz” for Puglia!


Sharing Puglia with Paula, Rose, Cheryl & Linda- what a joy!

💃🏻 In addition to all the wonderful excursions and experiences that I’ve shared over the past few posts, here’s how we spent the last few days…

🍷 We loved wine tasting & enjoying delish antipasti with Michele & Gigi at Lecce’s trendiest new enoteca…PugliaPuglia 

🍅 Day Six- Foodie Experiences…including a visit to the Lecce mercato and Luca Capilungo’s marvelous Pasticceria where we try our hand at making and sampling pasticciotto…PugliaPugliaPuglia

Puglia💃🏻 Day Seven- Otranto…Always stunning and inspiring…PugliaPugliaPugliaPuglia

💃🏻 Day Eight- Alberobello, unique land of the trulli and Polignano a Mare with its stunning shoreline and charming passages…






Polignano a Mare

💃🏻 Day Nine – We visit Gallipoli on the Ionian coast after a visit to elegant Galatina with its breathtakingly spectacular cathedral…







Our memorable time together is ending but all that we have done and experienced will stay with us…Puglia and the Salento will remain in our heart and memories…Puglia

We had the time of our lives “kicking up our heelz together in Puglia”,  I hope that you will be inspired to join me in 2017? 

🌸Spring: May 26-June 4

🍁 Fall: September 22-October 1

Let's Go to Italy Together!Read More About My Italian Journey

Join Me in Italy in 2017 and Let’s Experience La Dolce Vita Together!

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3 Responses to ♥ My Italian Journey: We ♥ Puglia! ♥

  1. Janey says:

    WHAT GORGEOUS PICS!!!!!!! Oh I can tell you all had such a fun time! Those gals look like a hoot….just how I love to play in Italy…..with crazy fun girls!!! I can tell y’all prolly left your mark on the boot!!!! WoooooHoooooo!!

  2. Natalie DeSimone says:

    Glorious, Glorious…My heart aches to go to Puglia one more time. Was lucky enough to visit the area ten years ago in October 2016. As they saying goes “don’t wait until tomorrow do it today”.
    So happy I did it when I could walk!! For me this was the trip of my lifetime.

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