♥ My Italian Journey: Head Over HeelZ in Puglia! ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ What is Salento Style? ♥

“I believe that no place could be found where life passes, in its essences, more delightfully than here.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I think I’ll “show” you Salento style! Seductive and simply meraviglioso!

(Warning: Be prepared to fall head over heelz, too!)

Let's Go to Italy Together!

We begin in the Salento countryside…staying in a perfect setting; an inviting Masseria (a restored fortified farmhouse) among the olive groves…Puglia


💃🏻 Day One – Dancing Among the Trees 🌳

I love returning to Azienda Agricola Taurino where Valentino will share how this family owned and operated olive farm grows and produces their beautiful organic oil. 

🌳 Harvest is about to begin and we are happy to help! Of course, after all of this hard work, a beautiful picnic among the trees and a little dancing-the traditional pizzica- is required!Puglia Puglia💃🏻 After a midday break, we are off to Squinzano just in time to meet some of the locals and then onto our first cooking class at Puglia Wine School with Ylenia and local Mamme. 


We try our hand at Puglia’s signature pasta, orecchiette (little ears), and other local specialties. Puglia

💃🏻 Day Two- Exploring Whitewashed Gems 

Since it is Sunday, the towns are lively with families strolling and enjoying this beautiful day in their Sunday best.

We begin with picturesque Martina Franca, a delightful Baroque gem…Puglia


Then charming  Cisternino…Puglia

And, of course, Ostuni, the magnificent, medieval  “white city”…PugliaPugliaPuglia

💃🏻 Day Three- Keeping It Local… Today we will visit local artisans….

☕️ Starting  with Quarta Caffe,  Lecce’s finest coffee. Puglia

After a perfect espressino with Antonio, Maria Rita gives us an informative and interesting private tour of this family owned and run business which is, not only dedicated to providing Puglia with it’s finest quality coffee…Puglia…but to their local lifestyle, education and the environment as well…Puglia

🍷 Next? Why, vino, of course! There are so many exceptional local winemakers here! The legacy of growing and harvesting grapes is an old one here but one that is just recently being recognized on the world stage…

And, notably by one family from Tuscany who has, over the 20+ years, committed themselves to carrying on the  tradition of winemaking at Masseria LiVeli. 

Today we enjoy outstanding indigenous varietals in an ideal Salento setting.

💃🏻 After a pasta making demonstration and lunch in Cavallino, we visit another artisan who works with his hands…Puglia


Enclosed in an ideal private setting is the workshop of Renzo Buttazzo, master sculptor and artist in Leccese stone. Puglia

Renzo interprets and carves his philosophy and vision from the soft local stone of this region and creates imaginative and breathtaking sculptures. 

💃🏻 After a rich day of local culture, we have time for a little rest before our final artisan experience which will be hands on…

🍕 We head for nearby Squinzano where we join Ylenia, Michele and the Mamme of Puglia Wine School and Cook in Puglia for pizza night! Puglia

Cooking together is truly such a fantastic experience. PugliaAnd, everyone is a “graduate”! 

Puglia💃🏻 Day Five – Country to City 

It’s time to leave our lovely country home- we have loved every minute…Puglia

But now it’s time to experience the unique beauty of Lecce…Puglia

💃🏻 We’re “head over heelz for Puglia” already  and we’re only halfway through our visit!

Much MUCH more to come…wishing you were here with us…maybe 2017? 

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  1. Paula says:

    Fantastic photos Victoria!
    This tour has been so culturally rich and diverse, and we have experienced so many wonderful activities which would not have been readily accessible to the independent traveller. The masseria and hotel in Lecce are beautiful. This is such great value for your money and if you are thinking of visiting Puglia, I can highly recommend going with Victoria.

    • 😘👯Sooo love sharing more of Italy with you (and this time with your daughter, Rose, as well)!
      Grazie for your generous remarks- I am beyond thrilled that you are loving your time with us in Puglia!

  2. Orna says:

    So sorry to have missed our meet up in Ostuni. See you in the spring on your next visit. X

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