♥ My Italian Journey Heads to the Heel: Puglia! ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ La Dolce Vita Salento Style! ♥

puglia - map copyThis will be my fifth time visiting Puglia and my fifth small group tour.

I’m often asked if I get tired of returning to the same places? And my answer is always, always, “Never!” Each visit is remarkable and wonderful. Each visit brings me closer to this unique and welcoming place and its people…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

🇮🇹❤️Some places keep calling you back…❤️🇮🇹

Returning to a place can be so rewarding-revisiting & reacquainting oneself with the familiar while exploring and enjoying more layers…and, needless to say, reconnecting with the people.


Charming, picturesque, & inviting Polignamo a Mare


There’s just something about the Adriatic…

Even though this was my fourth visit to Polignano a Mare, I was not only delighted to be back but delighted to have several low-key days in between busy weeks to enjoy without an agenda…

 Turning every corner brings fresh discoveries and delights.


Loved scrumptuous meals with Fabrizio & Liu at MINT…


I love just meandering and exploring …

💜 Then, on to Lecce…🚉

This was the first time I took a train in Puglia, leaving the incredibly picturesque town of Polignano a Mare and arriving in Lecce…I was so happy to see the landscape of olive trees roll past my window…and stroll familiar streets…


Back to lovely Lecce and her breathtaking Baroque architecture.


Spending time revisiting familiar and favorite passages and monuments is like visiting an old friend; no lengthy introductions are necessary. Just being here again is enough…Puglia

However, there is also something more and that’s knowing that, after months of planning, in a few short hours, I’ll be sharing a place that I love with others who will be visiting for the first time…

Now, that’s pretty fabulous! 

🇮🇹 Wish YOU Were Here! 🇮🇹🙋🏻

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4 Responses to ♥ My Italian Journey Heads to the Heel: Puglia! ♥

  1. Janey says:

    …sigh…..how I wish I were!! Just getting home from a few girlfriend days on the beaches in Florida where we talked of next having some weeks in Italy!!!! Maybe next yr!!
    Loving your photographs & stories!!

  2. Enjoying your posts Victoria. I can see how much you are loving it there! And, yes…I agree…there are places that call you back because they have captured your heart and imagination I think. Good luck with your tour group…I’m positive they will have a wonderful time with you as their “guide”…

    • Grazie amica! 👯❤️🇮🇹 Everything has been marvelous- Italy always beckons us, doesn’t it?
      Wonderful group of ladies arrive this morning-more delicious, fabulous days ahead…
      As always, wish you were here!

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