♥ My Italian Journey Returns to Tuscany ♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ La Dolce Vita Loves Tuscany! ♥

“The charm of Italy is akin to that of being in love.” – Stendhal

Tourist map of Tuscany

Starting in Florence, the “cradle of the Renaissance”, let’s take walks and explore the picturesque hill town of Siena and a jaunt to Chianti country…and enjoy an “unforgettable day”…or two!

Let's Go to Italy Together!There really is no other city like Florence! She defies description and refuses to be categorized. 

All you have to do is start strolling down any passageway and be sure to look in every conceivable direction, including up–I dare you not to be awed by its beauty and splendor…Pure eye candy!!

FlorenceFlorenceFlorence Although I have been fortunate enough to have visited this iconic city several times, I always love going deeper and exploring more of her treasures…

On this trip, those explorations included two exceptional excursions with Walks of  Italy. 

The first was an in-depth tour of the stunning Baptistry, the Duomo and a visit to the recently re-opened Nuovo Museo dell’Opera del Duomo which is home to the original treasures and masterpieces of the Duomo including works by Donatello, Michelangelo, and the restored  and truly magnificent Gates of Paradise…Florence Florence

My next Walks of Italy tour took me back to two cities that I had previously visited but longed to see again: Siena and San Gimignano plus a Chianti country wine tasting experience! All of this added up to a fantastic day!


After a stop at Piazzale Michelangelo eith it’s stunning view of Florence, we visit Siena with its stunning Duomo…


it’s impossible to capture the breathtaking magnificence , inside and out, of Siena’s Duomo…


And then a brief stroll through the famed Piazza del Campo where the annual horse race, the Palio, is held.


It is relatively calm now but when the 17 contrattas compete, it’s a wild ride!

It’s time to move on and off we go for our wine tasting experience st Poggio Amorelli  in Chianti country. 🍷


Poggio Amorelli is ideally located & after an introduction and informative tour of the wine cellar…

🍷It’s time for our wine tasting and it is absolutely divine!


In a perfect setting, Giulia takes us through our multi-course lunch which includes all locally grown and prepared dishes and a selection of their exceptional wines.

🇮🇹❤️ Grazie, Walks of Italy for two fantastic experiences! 🍷🇮🇹

 Another unforgettable day in Florence – thanks to Baglioni Hotels-  included a VIP tour of their 5-Star property, Relais Santa Croce. 

Classic elegance and sophistication – as Flora graciously took the time from a busy day to, not only guide us through the beautifully appointed sitting, meeting and dining rooms but she also showed us many of the suites and accommodations …Wow!Florence

And then? An absolutely exquisite lunch…

❤️ Grazie, Baglioni Hotels and a special thank you to Flora and our server, Luisa.

🇮🇹 So, what to do that on my last day here? So many options so I include a visit to the convent and museum of San Marco, Specifically to see the divine frescoes of Fra Angelico but this calm and serene place holds other treasures worth the visit…FlorenceFlorenceThen, heading back in the direction of the historical center, the roar of engines announces the arrival of a 500 motorcycle riders! 


It’s the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride! A worldwide motorcycle charity raising $ for cancer.

❤️ And, of course, what better way to end my day than with eye candy, Florentine style…Florence

And with a fond abbraccio to the lovely people I spent time with! Florence

❤️ My heartfelt gratitude to all of you and, of course, to magnificent Firenze!

* Note: since I am on the road, I am not able to write indepth posts for you but I love sharing these snippets of my days. When I get back (and over the jet leg), I will be sharing many more detailed posts of many of these wonderful experiences. In the meantime, thank you for joining me!

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