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“He who has been in Italy can forget all other regions. Who has been in Heaven does not desire the Earth.” – Gogol

Exploring Genoa and the Italian Riviera: Portofino, Cinque Terre, Santa Margherita, Camogli, Chiavari, Levanto and MORE!!


Are you ready to join me for more exciting and beautiful days exploring Liguria? I hope so because I have much to share with you…

💚🍃Let’s begin with a pesto lesson in the land of pesto and in the city where it originated! We join Mario and Cristina at Mercato Carmine for a fun, informative and delicious experience…

Liguria- Genoa

put on your apron and get your mortar and pestle… let’s make pesto!

Liguria- Genoa

🍃Simple ingredients & the right techniques = delizioso!

Liguria - Genoa

Some traditional antipasti, our pesto with trofie pasta, local white wine, and dolce (canestrelli) complete our yummy experience Genovese!

Liguria - Genoa

A proud “graduate”!

💜On our way to our next accommodation in Levanto, we visit one of the last producers of hand loomed velvet, Cordani Velluti in Zoagli.  Magda Cordani explains the intricate and involved techniques and the painstaking attention to detail and perfection…(and, of course, who can resist making a small purchase?)Liguria

💜 Chiavari is on our itinerary and I’m so glad to visit this charming and lesser known town along the Italian Riviera. Let’s take a stroll, shall we? Liguria

💜 Our home for the second half of our fabulous experience is Villa Nova Agriturismo in Levanto…

Liguria- Levanto

Villa Nova is not only spectacular and it’s setting but it is 100% committed to an organic lifestyle including using and offering only local and organic foods and products.

💜 Family owned, this beautiful property has been in the family for 1000 years! Today, Giancarlo manages Villanova with the help of a stellar staff and their mascot, Giro.Levanto

Liguria- Levanto

Alberto is always warm and accommodating ( and he has a great sense of humor and is a great cook!)

Liguria - Levanto

A slice of paradise in Liguria…

💜 From Levanto we can easily explore the famous scenic villages of the Cinque Terre. Today we will visit four of the five, reaching them  by train and enjoying the unique and individual charm of each.

Beginning in Vernazza, we will then explore Manarola,  Riomaggiore, And Monterosso. With an early start and the expert guidance of Francesca, we are able to avoid the crowds… 

Liguria - Vernazza

Arriving early and after a little rain, we enjoy an unusually uncrowded visit.

Cinque Terre

Walking aling the path in Manarola offers a spectacular view…

Cinque Terre

Narrow inviting passages with shops, ristorante and charm…

Cinque Terre

Famous for its inviting beach, Monterroso is our last stop today- time for a gelato, perhaps?

💜 Our last excursion is by public ferry  to Portovenere from La Spezia.  Lesser-known and lesser traveled, this seaside town has a little bit of everything-an intriguing history including monastics, fortresses, powerful ruling families, famous poets and the military…


With our fantastic guide, Francesca, we set off to visit Portovenere

💜 A special treat is our private boat tour of Portovenere’s dramatic coastline, cruising around the islands of Tino and Tinetto, and seeing the Church of St. Peter, the Doria Castle, and the Gulf of Poets from the water.Liguria- Victoria


With Ricardo at the helm, we love our private boat tour.

💜  Always strategic in location and access, With its rugged coastline, Portovenere has a unique and fascinating story to share with us…including an absolutely sumptuous lunch!LiguriaLiguria

💜 Our last day together will include a fabulous cooking class with Alberto at Villa Nova… Stay tuned for an overview and the delicious photos coming in my next blog post…

💜 As you know, I am writing and blogging as I go, so I am sending you brief “PostcardZ” for now but you can look forward to more detailed blog posts in the future.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying coming along with me virtually? Although, I must say that…

🇮🇹 I Wish You Were Here!!! Maybe you will join us in October 2017? I hope so! 🇮🇹

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