♥ My Italian Journey Begins in Liguria! ♥

La Dolce Vita for Me♥ La Dolce Vita from Liguria! ♥

“Thou Paradise of exiles, Italy!” – Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Genoa and points east and west in the Italian Riviera: 

Riviera di Di Levante including Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, and Camogli…

Riviera di Ponente including Finale Liguria, Finalborgo, and Noli…

 and Christopher Columbus, the King of Pesto, local markets, and a chinotto tasting…

Buckle up and andiamo!! 
Liguria - Victoria

Join me for a Shakerato in fabulous Liguria!


An evening with Roberto, the “King of Pesto”  at “Genovese”👑. 

Pesto is from Genoa so be prepared to savor the best you’ll ever have…

Liguria- Genoa

A king-sized pesto and mortar for the King of Pesto!

💜 Genoa is an absolute surprise! Elegant, sophisticated and chock-a-block with stunning boulevards, architecture, and piazze…just remember to look up as you’re enjoying a stroll through this under-estimated city…

💜 From the Crusades to Columbus to being one of the most powerful maritime powers the world has ever known …

Genoa’s proud and rich history is reflected everywhere you look…

💜 Becoming acquainted means visiting the Mercato Orientale (which doesn’t mean that it is Asian but that is in the eastern part of the city).

Liguria - Genoa market

Genoa’s Mercato Orientale is a revelation & unbelievable in its size and scope!

Liguria - Genoa market

…an unbelievable assortment of seasonal vegetables & fruits, seafood & meats, spices & dried goods…

Liguria - Genoa market

…and, of course, local pasta!

💜  We are hungry now and there is only one solution-an authentic trattoria in the old historical center. 

Liguria- Genoa

Focaccia, farinata & stuffed anchovies are on the menu…

💜 Our day ends perfectly with a visit to the exquisite San Lorenzo Cathedral with the characteristic black and white stripes of Genoa-slate and Carrara marble-and it’s stunningly magnificent lions…

Liguria -Genoa

The lions of San Lorenzo Cathedral


💜 For the next 2 days let’s explore Liguria’s picturesque eastern and western coastlines. The famous Portofino Peninsula – Il Parco di Portofino – Riviera di Levante, once playground of the chic and celebrated with its pastel storybook resorts and famous beaches…

Liguria - Italian Riviera

It’s impossible to resist enchanting Santa Margherita Ligure

Liguria - Italian Riviera

Lovely pastel palazze with tromp l’oeil accents, inviting cafes & shops, a magnificent jewel of a church…

Liguria -

liguria - Italian Riviera

And then there is the iconic Portofino, where just the name evokes images of charm, chic and celebrity…

💜 Next we take the local boat to a very secluded and special place, The secluded abbey of San Fruttos which can only be reached by boat…

Liguria - Italian Riviera
💜 Our perfect day ends with a stroll through the fishing village of Camogli… I will let the photos speak for themselves!Liguria - Italian Riviera
💜 And now we will explore the Riviera di Ponente to the west of Genoa. Although these seaside towns and gorgeous coast is not as well-known to many visitors, it is certainly as spectacular and interesting as Riviera di Levante… 

First a stroll all my the boardwalk and through the quaint seaside town of Final Ligure…

Liguria - Italian Riviera

A taste of local life in Finale Ligure.

💜 Next stop is a visit to something you will only find here, a chinotto plantation (pronounced “kee-no-toe”). Here Giacomo & Mariastella cultivate and grow the unusual chinotto fruit- A flavor like a bitter orange-it is unique, delicious and lens itself to marmalade, juice, honey and even a liqueur. Liguria - Italian Riviera

Liguria - Italian Riviera

In addition to growing chinotto, they also grow a variety of absolutely beautiful fruits and vegetables…

💜 Our spectacular day includes two other picturesque seaside towns with rich histories and inviting passageways… Finalborgo and Noli…Liguria - Italian Riviera

Liguria - Italian Riviera

Finalborgo offers a delightful mix of old & new world charm .

Liguria - Italian Riviera

Noli which was once one of the five maritime powers which included Venice, Amalfi, Pisa, and Genoa.


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8 Responses to ♥ My Italian Journey Begins in Liguria! ♥

  1. I think the hotel shown in some of your photos in Camogli, is where I had a reservation, I Tre Merli Locanda. Sure looks like it – I hope to stay there if I can on another trip.

    Looks like a fabulous time you are having Victoria. I’m taking it all in and living through your adventure !!

    • Ciao, Rae…
      Not sure about your hotel in Camogli but I can guarantee you’ll love it there!
      I am definitely astounded by Genoa and the surrounding towns… Absolutely loving every minute and loving sharing it with you…
      You’ll be back before you know it!

  2. Paula says:

    That area looks so interesting and Genoa especially holds a distinct fascination having been such a prosperous sea port. I love the photos and can imagine you writing and editing the story at midnight after a long exciting day! Much appreciated!

    • Ciao Paula!
      You are absolutely right about Genoa and, for that matter, the entire Ligurian seacoast.
      Definitely a fascinating and worthwhile. Love sharing & love that you enjoy and take the time to comment.
      Grazie! See you in a few weeks!

  3. Chinotto! Luv., luv the stuff (the amaro that is)…and let me thank you for the lovely photos that are filling my heart with joy at seeing parts of Liguria not see before…I’ll never, ever forget the first time we drove into La Spezzia and seeing the main street lined with palm trees…I was not expecting to see that, nor had I anticipated the colour of the sea! Even now…the beauty of it brings a tear! So glad you are enjoying yourself. I plan on doing much Chinotto tasting in Piemonte!

  4. Janey says:

    3yrs ago TODAY I was in Liguria visiting almost all of those towns you’ve written about!!! I recognized so many of your images….smiled the whole way thru your post! So lovely and your photography is awesome. Wish I could show up on one those doorsteps with you. Ciao!!

  5. Carla dougherty says:

    Brendan, Carla and Kevin say Ciao and everything looks so fabulous and delicious. Hope Nana is having the time of her life!!

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