Puglia PostZ #6: Let’s Go Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Benvenuti! Welcome to Puglia!

Next spring and fall we will be “Kicking Up Our HeelZ” in Puglia, the charming heel of Italy’s boot.

This is the sixth in a series of Puglia PostZ which I published a few years ago, and am now updating, in an effort to inform you about this unique region of Italy and, of course, to entice you into joining us!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Let’s Go Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia!

Photo Victoria De Maio

60 Million Olive Trees…One for Each of Italy’s 60 Million People… But Who’s Counting?

Puglia + Olive Oil = An Ancient Relationship!

Puglia’s relationship with olive trees dates back many, many centuries…well, actually 2700 years!

Photo Victoria De Maio

The millenial olive trees of Puglia…

Of the estimated 60 million trees (no one knows for sure) – about six million are considered monumenti or monumental trees and just under half a million are known as ulivi secolari (literally centuries-old olive trees).

You may have thought that most of Italy’s olive oil came from Tuscany or Sicily…but in fact, more olive oil comes from Puglia than any other region. Approximately 40% comes from Puglia and no other region even comes close in production!

In addition to quantity, Puglia’s olive oil is considered by some experts to be some of the most palatable in the world for its digestibility and high vitamin content. The envy of other regions, prized trees were once stolen in the dark of night!  Today, laws protecting the illegal appropriation of trees are enforced and in 2007,  in an effort to protect the trees, a project to map and catalogue the trees using satellite photography was initiated.

Puglia also has the distinction of having four (4) Denomination of Origin of Production areas ( Collina di BrindisiDOP, Dauno DOP, Terra D’Otranto DOP and Terra di Bari DOP) which are “recognized by the European Union to protect the unique qualities and characteristics of each terroir”.

Our Olive Oil Tasting

Did you know that olive oil tasting, like wine tasting, follows the four “S’s”: swirl, smell, sip and swallow? During our visit we have the opportunity to sample and enjoy the high quality organic olive oil indigenous to the Salento region at Agricola Taurino.

Azienda Agricola Taurino, in Squinzano (near Lecce), is typical of a family owned and operated farm. In 1985, brothers Donato and Rosaria joined their parents, Pino and Maria, and expanded their farm to 150 hectares (approximately 370 acres) of olive trees. Hands on in every aspect, the family takes pride in personally overseeing every stage of production from growth to processing of the olives to ensure that the highest standards and guidelines are followed.

This is also home to the Puglia Wine School where we will sample exceptional olive oil and cooking classes together!

Ah, now that’s la dolce vita!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Still need a “Reason”?? Here are 10!

PostcardZ from Victoria

Highlights of Our Itinerary:

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Let's Go to Italy Together!Source: Agricola Taurino



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