More Great Travel TipZ About: Tours & Cruises

Let's Go to Italy Together!Why does the mere suggestion of considering a tour or a cruise turn so many people off when, as a travel planning option, they can offer the perfect solution?

As a fairly seasoned traveler who has done both, enjoyed both immensely (in addition to independent travel)…

I find that the resistance or “negative” response is usually a knee-jerk reaction rarely (read almost never!) based on any real first-hand experiences.

Let's Go to Italy Together!

I have usually found it to be more of an attitude, e.g., “oh, all those tourists!” or “I don’t go on tours (cruises)!” Hmmm, really? And when you travel you’re not a tourist? And can you really tell me why you don’t?

Okay, granted, the image of monster cruise ships pulling into a port and spewing masses of people or the big bus full of “tourists” gawking out of the window as they squeeze through narrow streets …or the noisy groups following behind an umbrella or flag-waving tour guide…

Those and that’s part of the equation, there’s no denying it. As a travel advisor I’ve heard it all but I can also vouch for the fact that that’s not the whole story and that many objections or refusals to even consider are based either on old or, at the least, limited information and stereotypes.

Not only are there big misconceptions often associated with tours and cruises but it’s an over generalization that overlooks the fact that today there are so many more fabulous options!

The fact is, for many (the vast majority?) of those who want to travel, some kind of organized vacation is the answer. And, the fact is travel planning is a LOT of work and can frustrate and overwhelm if not discourage the casual traveler…

So, please hear me out because there are some tremendous advantages and benefits to both and maybe, just maybe, by the weighing the pros and cons you may consider one or both for your next vacation…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Photo Victoria De Maio

All tours are NOT created equal!

♦ Let’s start with tours ♦

There is literally something for everyone when it comes to “tours”! Day trips, weekends, special interests, and every variation of organization…so let’s explore…

Why Do Tours Get Such a Bad Rap? 5 Misconceptions About Tours and 10 Reasons Why You May Want to Take Another Look

Now that You’re Ready to Consider a Tour (I Hope!), Here are 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Photo Victoria De Maio

Taking a cruise can be the perfect vacation choice!

♦ For that matter, the same goes for cruises ♦

If You’re Not Cruising Are You Missing the Boat?

If You’re Ready to Choose a Cruise, Here are 10 Questions to Answer First

One of the fastest growing trends in travel is river cruising, find out why…

Why are River Cruises So HOT? 5 Reasons Why They are so Popular & 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider One!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Even if you still find that either or both don’t really fit into your travel style, consider sharing this with someone who may find them to be perfect options and solutions for their next vacation!

♦ ♦ ♦

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8 Responses to More Great Travel TipZ About: Tours & Cruises

  1. I was always a bit snooty about tour groups Victoria until I went on one with my Mum and had a whale of a time! I hadn’t appreciated how much easier it is not to have to think about transport and how to get about, or where to go and where to eat! Plus our group was full of fascinating people who I would probably never have met as an independent travellers. I would definitely do another group tour, especially to an area that is less served by public transport and am a total convert!! Keep the travel tips and advice coming Victoria, a great piece!

    • Liz,
      Thank you SO much! You are living proof and a testimonial of why a tour and/or cruise can be so perfect for so many travelers! I’m so glad that you had this personal experience (as I have) and now understand how wonderful it is to “show up” and have a terrific time! My thanks to you for taking the time to comment and share – greatly appreciated!
      (And maybe, hopefully, one day you’ll join me in Pugia? ;D)

  2. Ishita says:

    I agree, Victoria. Here lot of people tell me the same. I don’t like tours. Why would you take one? Its all about doing it on your own and being a “traveller” and not a tourist. But I love touristy things (whatever that may be) and I agree to this post wholeheartedly. Keep going! Much love from India <3

    • Ishita,

      Isn’t it interesting how people have such set preconceptions about something they probably have never done!? I would say that just because you go on your own does not make you a “traveler” and just because you join a tour – whether it’s a few hours, a day or 10 days, does not make you a “tourist”!
      For me, traveling is immersing, learning about the culture, the people, the food, the personality of a place, and that certainly includes major historical and what may be called “tourist” destinations. So, would they not go to the Eiffel Tower or the Vatican? Hmmm
      I’m with you and I know you love to research and dive in, too, so for me, that’s being a “traveler” whether it’s solo or in a group…
      I appreciate your comments and support very much!
      Much love back!

  3. Yes, we are of the “never gone on a tour or a cruise” set. And we are turned off by the idea of being so regimented. However, we would totally consider a day long tour, such as Tivoli in Rome or Art Galleries or the like with a knowledgeable guide who can provide all the “bits” you would never know and make for a much more informative, interesting visit. I do a lot of “research” previous to our travel and for us part of the fun is visiting different restaurants as often as possible, so although being on a cruise would be like staying in a luxury hotel…we would not have the experiences we have come to enjoy. Never say never, though, because if there is no other way to travel than a cruise…then, of course!

    • Well, if you’ve never done it then I have to say that, perhaps, your idea of what they are and offer today may be a tad outdated? I’ve done them all – ocean cruises and saw places I would never get to (e.g. the Greek Islands) and I love river cruises – small groups, and you see wonderful small towns along the rivers of Europe for example. In addition, small group tours offers so many options nowadays so the idea of a military-like experience can definitely be avoided (and I speak from experience!:D).
      I also do an enormous amount of research and I still find that combining some organized experiences with independent can be, for those willing to do the work and who can/will drive, etc. is wonderful. Plus, no matter how much research I do, going with a local guide I consistently learn more, save time (and frustration!) find new surprises along the way as I am able to more explore neighborhoods, sites, etc.
      I would definitely agree, never say never… 😀

  4. Have to agree about the river cruises (small is best in our case)…and about the learning more with a guide even if you have done the research…they have the insider’s track on information! And, let’s not forget those walking tours you have done in a few cities…they sound great! Yeah…it’s that military-like experience: up at 6:30 some kind of crummy food, hit the bus, stop wherever the tour guide thinks would be good, eat the food that is pre-arranged and probably not even authentic and see stuff you could care less about…oh and don’t forget the pre-arranged tour that takes you through the “gift-shop”…yuck…that’s the stuff I mean. Those really large ocean cruises seem like floating Las Vegas’ to me…but again…never done one, so can’t judge from personal experiences, just what I see in ads.

    • Well, today, there’s really “something for everyone” as far as cruises and tours go — that stereotype exists, yes, BUT there are far more fabulous, amazing choices nowadays. Smaller boutique companies don’t typically do ads (except perhaps in print travel magazines) and definitely target a different kind of traveler (e.g., if you look at Viking River Cruises ads, that’s a good example).
      I think it’s just important to always keep an open mind as offerings and opportunities are constantly evolving…

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