♥ What Time is It? It’s Spring Time! ♥

♥ It’s spring and this gal’s fancy turns to…♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Born and raised in California, I’ve been accused of not having really experienced the four seasons.

Guilty as charged. Granted, I don’t know snow and sleet or suffocating humidity. The most extreme weather I have lived in was during my 7 year stint in Arizona.

Photo by Susan Nelson

Always looking forward to spring…

Although I’ve traveled to New York in the winter and it was fun for a few days, shoveling snow, scraping ice from my car windows or wearing multiple layers of clothing to stay warm has just never appealed any more than living in air conditioning with my nose pressed against the window for months on end…

Spoiled? Yep. A weather wimp? Yep. I admit that I love temperate weather. Not to say that I don’t enjoy winter and summer —we need those lovely seasons and they are reminders of the cyclical nature of our lives. However, for me, a little goes a long way…

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Here Comes the Sun…

When I feel the first signs of spring, I’m delighted! Spring fever is real for me. The lethargy of short dark days and couch potato impulses dwindle and there’s a sense of anticipation, restlessness, and newness. Time to put away those coats, boots, and umbrellas…

There are scientific theories about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I can certainly testify that when we get long gloomy, overcast periods (coined “May gray” and “June gloom”) here in central California, people get pretty grumpy and irritable…myself included.

I love the longer days and the lighter, carefree feeling of spring. For me, it beats anything going. Like the flower buds and bulbs that gift us once again with their vibrant colors and sweet perfume, everything seems to come alive, as if for the first time, ripe with promise and bursting with life and hope. The urge to go barefoot, do a happy dance or just jump on a scooter is almost irresistible.

And who can resist an invitation to enjoy a lovely wine or aperitivo while catching a sunset?

Let's Go to Italy Together!There’s another reason that I love spring… for me, it’s one of the two best times of the year to travel…

rp_V-sightseeing-e1372176613601.jpgWhen I’m asked what I consider the BEST season and time to travel, I have my preferences, but, of course, that’s a matter of opinion. Although I personally prefer what are often referred to as the “shoulder seasons” or, in other words, spring and fall, there are other considerations…

No doubt that very season offers its advantages and challenges. The key is to focus and make your plans based on when you can travel and what you want do, see and experience.

For now, join me in welcoming the onset of spring and the promise of new spring travel adventures. 

I would certainly love to help you with your travel plans and, better yet, for you to join me in Italy!

Here are some helpful guidelines:

First Decision: When is YOUR Best Time to Travel?

Then Begin Here: Travel Planning 101

Don’t Let These “What Ifs & Worries” Keep You from Planning!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Send Me a Postcard!What about you? What’s your favorite season? Is that your favorite season to travel? Why/why not?

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  1. Sigh…love to see those photos…guess we are kind of “weather wimps” up her in Vancouver…sure it might snow on occasion or hardly ever any more and sure it rains…but we are so thankful to be on this side of Canada rather than the Eastern side!

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