♥ Feeling and Showing the Love ♥

♥ What better day than Valentine’s Day to show my appreciation and to say “thank you”? ♥

Yes, thank YOU for showing your support and sharing your enthusiasm for my first book…

These are some of the wonderful friends who have been generous in reviewing and helping to get the word out. Some of them even contributed to the Expert TipZ section of the book!

♥What a wonderful community you are! ♥

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Grab a cappuccino & my book and let’s go to Italy!

Let's Go to Italy Together!

♥ Grazie, ExpertZ, for contributing your Italy expertise to my first book and for taking the time to “selfie” and review, too!

“This is the perfect guide for anyone planning a trip to Italy, Concise and up-to-date, Travel TipZ Italian Style is well written and informative. Victoria’s travel tips are organized in sections, making it simple to find what you need. Her sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book allows the reader to learn in a fun way.” – Margie Miklas

“This book provides the needed information about Italy’s most authentic way of life. It’s literary a mirror of what Italians are and what to expect when traveling in the “Bel Paese”.
Highly recommended worth a (or more) reading from the cover page to the very last page of the book. It’s a privileged access to Italy’s culture, way not to miss it.
Victoria De Maio, congratulations for your book that perfectly depicts Italy, Italians and Italianism in all its splendor! A must read for discovering and enjoying the Italian lifestyle.”
– Ylenia Sambati

  “Great practical advice for anybody planning an Italian vacation. Among European destinations, Italy tends to be at once the most alluring and the most perplexing. Having some accurate information in your pocket before you go will save you time, and allow you to relax and enjoy instead of dealing with the many complications that one often encounters when traveling to land of La Dolce Vita.” – Rick Zullo

“Victoria’s Book is an Essential Travel Tool… ‘Travel TipZ Italian Style’ is just what you would want to read before taking a trip to Italy. Even if it is not your first time, it is packed full of neat tidbits of advice and recommendations that will make the entire experience in Italy run smoother. Even though I have become a seasoned traveler to Italy, after reading Victoria’s book I was amazed at what I learned. I highly recommend that anyone traveling to Italy, whether it is your first time or tenth, read this book. You will be glad you did.” – Susan Nelson

“Nothing will enhance your experience and endear you to the locals like knowing a bit about them before you arrive. As the founder of a tour company to Italy and an expat living in Florence, I found Victoria’s book to be spot on and a delight to read! I will recommend it for all those who travel with us.” – Lisa Condie

“Victoria DeMaio presents the quintessential information for first-time travelers in this fun, accessible guide. The tips are presented clearly and cover all of the basics to make for a more enjoyable trip to Italy all around. Great fun to read both to consult for specific practical info, and also for gaining an important cultural understanding of la dolce vita that will enhance your own enjoyment of this delightful culture.” -Shannon Kenny

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ Grazie to all of YOU who took the time to read, to review and to share!

“This is a valuable book and helpful tool for anyone preparing to travel to Italy. I loved the humor and practical ways the information is organized and presented. Certainly, this read will elevate many anxieties one might have in preparing for their trip, and it start you off in the right direction to to enjoy Italy the “Victoria” way!” – Nancy Bradley

“Victoria, your book is delightful, funny and instructive!! I will highly recommend it to all the people I know who want to come to Italy! Brava!!” – Tina Carignani

” I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria at her book signing in Santa Barbara, CA. She shared first-hand with the group some of the TipZ in her book! …Her book is very easy to read, entertaining and most informative for new and/or seasonal travelers. I will be re-reading just prior to our trip so that I don’t forget any of the things Victoria recommends to do and/or take with us prior to our travels! … Thank you Victoria for making your book possible; I won’t be leaving home without it! This is a must read! Enjoy” – Gayle A. Ramirez

“I loved the short, to-the-point, full of quirky fun humor and approach to Victoria’s travel tips for Italy. Even for someone who’s been to Italy a few times I still found a wealth of information and great tips that I’ll be sure to be using on my next trip to Italy. There was things I had never even consider or thought of that are in the book and I’m so glad I’ve now learned of them. I totally recommend this book to anyone considering visiting Italy for the first time or even if you’ve been before! From culture to food and transportation to how to order coffee – Victoria’s Travel TipZ Italian Style has it all!!”
– Stephanie Mayo

Let's Go to Italy Together!

♥ I’m so honored and grateful for your warm reception and comments…

“An Italian Travel MUST!! We have traveled to Italy since 1996 and have wished for a concise “operations manual” such as this since then!! Brava Victoria! Not only are you a fabulous guide; you have done the near impossible….listing ALL the important facts any traveler to Italy needs/wants to know in a simple readable format! … Grazie Mille, Victoria for all your hard work! Fabulous! -Raleigh M. Hussung

“‘Travel TipZ Italian Style’ is a great book to have and a joy to read. It’s filled with very helpful information and tips to make a visit to Italy more enjoyable and hassle free. The format of the book is really well done and makes it easy to use as a reference book. The information is concise and written with humor. You’ll really enjoy this book and I highly recommend it before taking off on your next trip to Italy.” – Bob Barker

“Anyone who has traveled to Italy before can confirm that the tips Victoria provides are all things that will save you lots of time and lots of grief if you make any of the mistakes Victoria’s tips will help you avoid. These are all practical, no-nonsense, pointers designed to help you make the most of your vacation in Italy. I highly urge you to latch onto this little gem, read it ahead of time and then toss it into your suitcase to bring along with you.” – Karen Henderson

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Lulu w:bowl graphic♥ My Editor-in-Chief and I send heartfelt thanks to all of you who have purchased and enjoyed my book! ♥

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