♥ I’m No Gourmet Cook But…♥

Let's Go to Italy Together!♥ I Do LOVE Cooking Classes & Market Crawls! ♥

Last week I confessed how much I love to eat (although judging from my photos, you probably guessed that a long time ago?!)

Well, I’m definitely NOT a gourmet cook either but taking cooking classes and going to local markets is definitely something I love to do, too!Photo by Victoria De Maio

I’m not sure if it’s that wishful thinking that “someday” I’ll wake up and be able to whip up fabulous meals like they do on those cooking shows? Hmmm… In any case, I do believe that cooking is an art and a passion, a passion that comes from the heart. 

For me the bounty of nature transformed into eye-popping delicious dishes is magic and a joy to share…

Let's Go to Italy Together!I’m a huge fan of seasonal, organic and farm-to-table and besides, cooking and enjoying with friends is just too much fun!

So, won’t you join me at il mercato and  la cucina during some of my recent travels? Ah, and yes, I must issue another warning…you may find yourself rummaging through the frig or, perhaps, you’ll be ready to join me and try your hand at some of these delicious dishes?

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Market Crawl in Lecce

Remember! Look but DON’T Touch! “Non Tocare!”

Let's Go to Italy Together!A Neighborhood Market in Gallipoli

Let's Go to Italy Together!Learning the Secret of Cucina Povera!

Let's Go to Italy Together!All Ears in Puglia! Trying Our Hand at Making Orecchiette!

Also Featured on Italy Duchess and Boomer Women Travel!

Let's Go to Italy Together!Graphic Copyright Victoria De MaioWe would ♥ LOVE ♥ to have YOU join us!

Cooking, wine tasting, olive oil tasting, market crawl, meeting local artisans — all this and more…together!

My Puglia expert, Ylenia Sambati, and I will be waiting to welcome you!

Register TODAY & Join Us for Olive Harvest!

 October 9 – 18, 2015

2 Rooms Left!

Mark Your Calendar for 2016 – Details SOON!

Spring: May 27 – June 5

Fall: October 7 – 16

Let's Go to Italy Together!Questions? Contact Victoria Today!


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4 Responses to ♥ I’m No Gourmet Cook But…♥

  1. Natalie DeSimone says:

    Beautiful, beautiful and I’m hungry…The peppers, squash, etc. are all the vegetables I ate growing up in an Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn and today, what was cucina povera, is now gourmet!!! Go figure!!!

    • Grazie Natalie!
      I’m always hungry to return. I grew up in N. California on simple cooking, too. It is interesting to see what was once “simple” become trendy (e.g., polenta, zucchini blossoms, etc.).

      Appreciate your comments and “stopping by”! Buona giornata!

  2. Whew…am I ever glad the apartments/villas we rent have kitchens…this cook would go bonkers seeing all the fantastic produce in the markets we visit and not be able to buy and cook…You are absolutely right…a passion that gives me that gives my so much pleasure feeding people…told you you should drive North! One day we will be sharing la tavola together!

    • You are such a dedicated cook! I can only say I’m a dedicated eater! LOL Good combo though, si?
      2016 dates are set, cara…come cook and eat with me in Puglia :D. Joe can be the videographer – lots of vino, too!

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