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Let's Go to Italy Together!It’s been a little over a year since I published my very first book! And I am sooo pleased at how well it has been received!

39+ Five-star Reviews on Amazon


High praise from novice and experienced travelers, ex-pats and lovers of Italy AND Italians!

Let's Go to Italy Together!
“Victoria, your book is delightful, funny and instructive!! I will highly recommend it to all the people I know who want to come to Italy! Brava!!”

– Tina Cannon, DND Napoli

“This book provides the needed information about Italy’s most authentic way of life. It’s literary a mirror of what Italians are and what to expect when traveling in the ‘Bel Paese’.
Highly recommended..It’s a privileged access to Italy’s culture, way not to miss it.
Victoria De Maio, congratulations for your book that perfectly depicts Italy, Italians and Italianism in all its splendor!
A must read for discovering and enjoying the Italian lifestyle.”

-Ylenia Sambati, YLTOUR

“Victoria’s advice is concise and accurate. You can find bigger, more comprehensive guides when looking for specific hotels, etc. But as far as an overview of details of traveling through the Bel Paese, you can’t do better than this.”

-Rick Zullo, Rick’s Rome

“We have traveled to Italy since 1996 and have wished for a concise ‘operations manual’ such as this since then!! Brava Victoria! Not only are you a fabulous guide; you have done the near impossible….listing ALL the important facts any traveler to Italy needs/wants to know in a simple readable format! What a treasure every traveler to Italy – seasoned and novice -needs to venture forth!! I’m giving a copy to all of my friends/family who are traveling to Italy!! GrazieMille, Victoria for all your hard work! Fabulous!”

– Raleigh M. Hussung, Love from Italia

“This is the perfect guide for anyone planning a trip to Italy, Concise and up-to-date, Travel TipZ Italian Style is well written and informative. Victoria’s travel tips are organized in sections, making it simple to find what you need. Her sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book allows the reader to learn in a fun way. It is apparent that Victoria’s passion for Italy, as well as her multiple travel experiences makes her an expert in suggesting the best ways to enjoy Italy.”

– Margie Miklas, Margie in Italy

Let's Go to Italy Together!

Victoria's Travel TipZ Italian StyleAnd, you have to agree that 400 travel tips for $9.99 (paperback) and $3.99 (Kindle) has been quite a value!?

So, just in case you haven’t ordered your copy or a copy for your friend or colleague, now is a good time.

Let's Go to Italy Together!Order Your Copy Today or Send Me an Email – PostcardsfromVictoria(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like an autographed copy!

Send Me a Postcard!And, please send me your Selfie and let me know your impressions, suggestions and feedback! After all, I did write this book for YOU!

Let's Go to Italy Together!



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Wish you were here! I love sharing my passion for travel and insights I've learned along the way. Enjoy my travel tips and inspiration with a lighthearted twist! Join me as we create a forum for sharing experiences and information! Enjoy my newly published book, "Victoria's Travel TipZ Italian Style!" and then let's go to Italy together!
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